Identifying Premier kit

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Man, I coulda been a lot harsher. Kindergarten lyrics. The same guitar riffs used OVER and OVER again etc. I confess that my takeaway after listening to their highest charters was: THIS band was huge in the UK?!? Seems like they just use the same Chuck Berry formula in EVERY SONG. Just listen to the Down Down video. Berry shoulda sued their asses.

Of course Led Zeppelin never did reach the same kind of rock god status back home that they did in the states.

To each their own. And before anyone goes batshit crazy on me . . . one word: skiffle.


Edit - Wow wow wow. Just checked the charts for Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. Top 5 all over the world in 1969. Didn’t even make the charts in the UK . . . so, yeah.
Zeppelin didn’t release singles in the no chart hits. (y)


Anyway, glad to introduce you to them ;)

Ok, I’ve done my due diligence and searched Status Quo’s audio catalog and wish to amend my previous comments er. . . somewhat. I HAVE heard of them and genuinely love ONE of their songs. Pictures of Matchstick Men. I used to have that on a playlist cassette tape of psychedelic music. Love that riff. Been stuck in my head since 1983 when I so enjoyed listening to the genre with my then girlfriend Maryjane.

My new theory is that they all went on an epic acid trip after that song, leaving them stuck in 1958 as a Chuck Berry cover band.

No lie, I’m buying that song on iTunes today.


Edit - and on the keyboard a young Elton John

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Whaddaya mean “just a XPK”?! Made at the Blaby Road Factory = Prem Gold!! (y) :cool:

Compared to the high end kits. I lust after more than a few of those, though I’m certain I’ll be keeping the XPKs. Doesn’t make sense when most people say I only play WITH drums.

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Based on the lugs in the photo, I'd say you were on the right track. It certainly looks like a resonator setup. Premier drums still exists in the UK (according to their site) yet no one seems to be home to answer anything (I've tried, repeatedly).
Guitar Center seems to be the best place to find used Premier kits and they're relatively inexpensive.
Random Premier trivia: Did you know Ringo Starr was a Premier player and only switched to Ludwig because Premier didn't offer an oyster sparkle wrap and that's what he wanted?
I read not so long ago that he confessed he wanted Ludwig simply cos it was American and everything cool at the time came from America.


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Is there some defining feature to cause them to be called 'Projector', such as thick shells or something, or is it just a name?

Great job - they look like new.
They are thin Finnish Birch Shells with Beech Re-Rings. Rounded bearing edges. Very resonant & punchy. The Resonator's were the same shells but with "Liners" fitted :)