Identify Tama Starclassic


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Hello everyone!

Need help to identify this Tama Starclassic 6pc Shell, which I could get for € 500.- (about $590), the guy who´s selling it doesn´t know anyhing - is it a Starclassic Performer? Does anyone know which wood it has and if it´s a good deal?
Thanks for helping me out!


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Fritz Frigursson

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i think it’s a starclassic birch? in any case 500 for a MIJ starclassic is a great deal, but i wouldn’t be too keen on the rack tom sizes as they seem to be fast toms (1 inch shorter than regular). but if you’re into the sizes no problem.


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Based on the badge being offset (see top tom on stack) these drums have been cut down from their original depth.

Check their sound and how clean the modification is. Check the bearing edges (hassle but if it has not been cut properly it’s not worth it, IMO).