identification of this 24" vintage ride: only for experts


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identification of this 24" vintage ride: this one is tough

these is a 24" vintage ride in brand new condition.
the sellers told me that it was imported to argentina (where I live) by a music store that imported things from germany and that it has more than 30 years old. that's the only info I have

as you can see,it has a stamp that says "shining", and a big logo that says "king", it's a hand hammered cymbal and the alloy looks like a B20 but that just my guess.

any info would be appreciated, thanks!!!


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I know exactly what it is, but since I'm no expert, I'm forbidden to comment.
to be honest, I put that title because I thought that with that title people would try to prove that they are experts by trying to identifying it, but I'd be very thankful if you tell me what you know.

by the way , I'm changing the title right now


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Sorry, I was just kidding. I never saw or heard of that cymbal before, it looks like a high quality cymbal though.


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Same as larry, never heard or seen it. I did a google and youtube search and nothing came up.

My guess is a company that started up, made a short run of cymbals, and went out of business soon afterwards.

Try posting it on the cymbalholic forum and see if anyone there knows.