Ideas for alternative performances


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A guitar player friend of mine and I were talking the other day. We’ll call him Scott

Scott put together a pretty good band about three years ago and I would sub in from time to time. All of the players in this band were talented but had no sense for business like Scott has. Being the leader of his band, Scott had also invested quite a bit of his own money into his band even to the point of having a DVD made for promotional purposes as that is what most customers are now wanting.

Scott was also going broke running this band. Scott does have a good business mind and is very creative! Eventually his band fell apart and he was left holding the bag.

So the other day Scott told me that he was doing great. He bought a small PA and an iPod and was going into nursing homes and rest homes and playing for about an hour to a very grateful and alert audience. He gets paid $75 per appearance and he does about 2 or 3 a day.

So my question to all of my drumming brethren is “What ideas similar to Scott could we as drummers do to help ourselves, in a creative way, make more money in a similar fashion.”

I doubt that the rest homes would welcome drummers coming in with an iPod and a PA to perform for them, but what other ideas are there?

This is a "Think outside the box" kind of exercise!