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Ok drum heads, I got a fun one for ya. If you could only have one kit what would your ideal kit be? This is different than a dream kit because a dream kit might not be ideal for your needs example My dream kit would be a 70's ludwig jelly-bean Octoplus set which definitely would not be ideal for general playing giging etc. This may be be harder than you think ? Any takers ?


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Hmm. For me, a Kumu four piece with wood hoops, plus a set of Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals.

...No, wait, that was my dream kit.

...No, wait, that's my kit!


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Yamaha PHX series in Maple Gold Black Cherry Sunburst.

With a 10"&12" rack toms, and 14"&16" Floor toms. 20" bass drum, 14"x6.5" MApex black panther in Deep Forest Walnut.

13", 16", 17" Sabian HHX crashes, 8", 10" Sabian Hand Hammered splashes, 21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride, 14" Sabian Paragon Hats, 16" Sabian HHX O-Zone Crash!

Toms wouldnt be used all at the same time depending on what sort of gig it is as I play a lot of varying music. Same Story with the Cymbals, but it would always be the minimum of the two splashes, ride, hats, and either the o-zone or 17". I would never use anything less than those cymbals!

This is pretty much my set-up as it is except I dont have all HHX and hand hammered, and its s stage custom instead of a PHX!


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I've run 22, 14, 18 before, and it works just fine. Does not the Octa-plus not have 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 hanging toms? That you might be able to use a 10, 12, 16 tom combo as a gigging kit? Or a 12, 14, 16 tom combo? Or a 12, 16, 18 tom combo?


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...My ideal kit is also my dream kit.

24x16, 16x16, 13x9 deedub with 14x6" edge snare. 20" Manhattan ride, 14"dark hats, 16" hh thin and 17" hhxtreme crashes.



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Mine would be a white moire 5-piece dw drumkit, with a 24x20 bass drum, 14x6.5 brass snare, 12x9 tom, and 16x14 & 16x18 floor toms.

Cymbals- dont know what type really-just basic.
14" hi-hats
two 18" crashes- different sounds though.
21" ride
18" china
8" splash


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Mine would be the kit I just ordered: LUDWIG Centennial Arena shell pack. 20x24 BD 8X12 TT 15x16 FT 16x18 FT
Already have 15" A Custom Zildjian HH 2 16" Crash Zildjians 2 18" Crash/Ride Zildjians 1 22" Ride Zildjian
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