Ideal beginner kit


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My son started learning drums a while ago, got his first electronic kit, and I've been following in his footsteps.
Anyway, we moved to another country shortly after that, and for a number of reasons can't afford to have a full-blown kit right now - too loud for the neighbors, not enough space, etc.
I've been looking at DW's Go Anywhere set ( but I kind of wish it was electronic.

What do you think is the ideal entry level kit taking into account the space & sound limitations?

And how do you think the perfect set up for this could look like (if it's not in the market yet)?


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I'm been there and I chose to have an electronic kit. If I were to do it over I'd get one with V-pad or an equivilant type for the feel. Headphones, bank of sounds, they fold away. You could even gig out with them if you wanted to.


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Awesome! Manadala is actually pretty close to what I have in mind. Price is definitely an issue though.

I was thinking of something like DW's practice pads that could connect to my smartphone for sequencing, cause you probably don't need a full-blown standalone drum brain these days, because sequencing can be done better on a computer/tablet/smartphone. And it's more flexible, cause you don't need to upgrade firmware.

something like this.