ID this PDP kit


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I am no expert, but based on the features and everything, I would guess this is an older intermediate+ set. Pacific's had some nice stuff a while back. The set at my church is a high end pacific and is a very nice set. Comparable to most any I have heard.


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My PDP set has a badge on the base that has the model, FS, stamped on it. once you know that you should be able to determine the wood. My FS are Birch.


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Based on the "pinched turret" lugs and the logo, I would peg them as pre-2005 low-level drums about equivalent to the EZ/Z5 drums that came later. Early PDP drums were pretty troublesome until about 2005 or 06 when the QC issues were largely dealt with.

A safer buy with PDP would be later 2000s stuff like 805, X7, M5, Platinum and Concept.


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My set is an EZ set with a Z5 10" tom. With the right heads and tuning it's not too bad. Certainly not bad for a first set.