I'd like to reccomend a cymbal!! Wuhan 10" Splash! :)


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Hi everybody!

Well, I'm writing this just to share with you my latest purchase. It's my very first splash cymbal, and my first Wuhan as well.

I went to the shop today and tried exactly 8 of these. None of them was exactly like the others. One sounded like total crap. A couple sounded just OK, a couple were pretty nice and this one I got was a total gem. :)

Price: $30 (in Uruguay, so in the US I'm sure it's even cheaper).
[Note: Here, a 10" Avedis Splash costs $125. More than four times more!]

I don't have any soundclips 'cause I don't have a mic, but trust me, this thing really shines, and not only for it's price, I mean, it really sounds beautiful!! It's not like a "small crash" at all. It's a snappy, fast, shimmering, darkish splash sound. It's not loud, but it has enough volume to be heard in the right places.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with this purchase, so I wanted to tell you guys to give them a try. Again: TRY more than one! Don't be shy, LOL. :D

I politely told the salesman that these were very inconsistent so I wanted to try them all if he was so kind to let me, so he took out all the splashes he had and we tested them side by side for some minutes. I was lucky and I found this baby.
I'd advice you to do the same if you're looking for a splash. For the price, you can't be wrong!

Well, that's all for now.
Have a nice weekend!! Cheers. :)


Congrats on the new 10 splash, and you're quite right about them all sounding a little different. I ordered a 8 wuhan splash that sounds great, and for only $24 it's the best cymbal for the money.



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Welcome to the wonderful world of Chinese-made Wuhan/Stagg cymbals. Inconsistent, but there are gems to be had. And the best part is that they are insanely cheap.

If you think your splash is cool, wait till you get your ears on their "China" type cymbals. Wuhan Lion/Stagg Traditionals are the bomb!


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I have the Wuhan brilliant finish splashes. 2x 8" and a 10"...under $75 for all three and they sound dynamite. I've had $125+ each splashes that do not sound as good as these! Very good finds.


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Hehe, it seems like I'm not the only one! :)

First of all I'd love to get an 8" but they don't have any left.

Then I'm thinking about getting a china and a 20" crash. I'll be sure to check them out when I get some cash. :)



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Wuhan are awesome. They are such amazing quality for the price and they really look beautiful. I love them, even the hi-hat in the traditional series gains my fancy. They are way too underrated.


Wuhan really is a great company. I haven't heard their splashes, but their 16" china I own blows my mind with its low price and AMAZING sound. :p

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The latest Wuhan line called "New Traditional" are amazing! They are brilliant finish with a very small logo (i removed my logos). I have the 20 inch medium ride and the 18 inch thin crash. I will probably pick up a 16" crash in the near future. The 16" is only $40!!! These are hand made cast B20 cymbals and they sound great.

You should know that I hate budget cymbals, and would've never considered owning an entire set of Wuhans had I not stumbled apon them in person.