IC power glide / rolling glide


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Yes. It does feel different especially for fast work. The round cam is a bit more even feeling and you get a bit of extra control at the expense of a bit less power that the offset throw can give. You really should try it to see which you like.


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I find that fast doubles w/ heel-toe technique are much easier with rolling glide because the beater doesn't come away from the bass drum head as quickly on the rebound. Rolling glide seems to be more accurate for me when playing quietly as well.


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I own both cams for my IC double pedal. Didn't notice a difference when I replaced the PG cams with RG, but when I returned to the PG I did notice a slight difference in the feel.

That's interesting about the beater return speed, I hadn't considered that, I was too focused on the down stroke.


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Tried both and ultimately purchased the Rolling Glide Cam. It's a subtle thing but it just felt more progressive than the Power Glide. Simplistically I felt I had more control over the downstroke.

That said, I was coming from a Ludwig Standard Atlas pedal which also has a round Cam and I guess I was just used to it. No doubt I would have become accustomed to the Power Glide Cam over time but the Rolling Glide fitted and felt right to me.