Ian Wallace Transcription


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Hey Drummers,

Shaun here.. recently came across an awesome band called The Crimson Jazz trio, they do jazz arrangements of King Crimson songs and the drummer Ian Wallace was a really killer player. I'm trying to transcribe his drum parts but It's pretty tricky stuff.. stuck on how to transcribe the second bar already. Any help would be appreciated! :)

Check out the song below:


The way i hear it is: a bar of 4/4. 2 bars of 7/8 (I'm counting 1&2&3&4, 1&2&3&4), then back to 4/4, 2x 7/8, 4/4, 2x 7/8 and then a bar of 5/8. etc until the chorus which is in 4/4

So below is my interpretation of the intro lick:


Any help after that would be awesome :p
- Shaun