Ian Paice rocks!!!


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What I'm discovering is that when I'm adding drum parts to a new song, and I come up with a beat or fill that I think is really happening, it's never too long before I realize I'm just aping a drum part already written by Ian Paice and grafting it onto a different song.

It makes me realize how much Paice drumming makes up the archetype of what drumming 'should be' for me. He forged much of the 'paradigm' of rock drumming.


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I absolutely worshiped Ian Paice's drumming style. And the sound of his drums on Smoke On The Water was phenominal. Before I understood the disparity between the sound of live vs recorded drums, I spent countless hours trying to tune my Ludwigs to sound like Ian Paice's kit.

So the man with the incredible licks and the ugliest hair on the planet shaped my playing to the nth degree.


Anon La Ply

Hehe, well, Ian's been a monster now for a good 40 years or so :)

Funny that's he not more recognised. Ditto Aynsley Dunbar.


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Ian is rock drumming royalty for sure.

I bought "In Rock" on cassette tape when I was 12 and was mesmerized by Ian Paices drumming on "Flight of the Rat"; and I think listening over and over and "trying" to play along, having that in mind, changed how I play today.

He had and has great time and feel and is very humble about it.
Flight of the Rat is one of my favorite songs. Those triplet fills at 230+ bpm are niiiiiiiiiice.


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I agree about the brilliance of Ian Paice. I think he is the best rock drummer ever - the way he combined his rudimentary expertise with jazz feel and blistering rock power, there is just no one like him , no one better.

Anytime I say this, people always jump on me and say, no, Bonham is the best, or no, Neil Peart is the best. Both of those guys are fantastic drummers, immensely talented - but for me, Ian Paice will always be IT. The drumming on Machine Head alone is more than/better than most drummer's entire careers, seriously.


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He has always been on my short list of best rock drummers. Machine head was the first rock album I ever bought. His technical skills are impressive but his application of his skills was equally impressive.


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My favourite album for Ian Paice's drumming has always been Book of Talesyn. It's one of the really early albums and sounds like Elvis singing prog/psychadelic rock but the drumming makes it.

It's more jazzy and the drumming on Anthem is like A Day in the Life on Steroids.

Also they had a B Side called Emmeretta which has a really cool drum solo on the fade out as well as great drumming all the way through. Not sure what the A side was maybe Hush? It's an early track anyhoo.

Speaking of English drummers that don't get the recognition they deserve, Carl Palmer, best drummer I've seen live. Plus I had lessons off his bro Steve for a year at uni and he's a cool guy too!


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Emmerreta was a single that came out around the time of their self-titled, which was an undermarketed album that no one knew about because their label went bankrupt at the same time. Also, around the time it came out was when Rod Evans and Nicky Simper were fired, and Ian Gillan and Roger Glover joined to create the famous Mk. II lineup that everybody knows Deep Purple as.

Yeah early Deep Purple had some pretty good drumming as well.

Bruce M. Thomson

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I always liked music from Deep Purple.

I have been away from drumming for a long time. I just did a Goggle and YouTube search on Ian Paice.
He can't be a very good drummer because his drum set is set up all backwards and everything.
And who would ever want to buy one of his signature snare drums? I can't play a left handed snare drum.

LOL (Yeah I just re-discovered him. He is one of my favorites, thanks)

Just had to mention how much I like the Beethoven quote. That along with "When in doubt roll" can get you through some gnarly sessions or gigs. Ian Paice has heart, and I mean in the literal sense. He maintains a smooth and in control vibe.


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Sorry to revive a slightly older thread.. BUT.. i spend my nights flipping around youtube playing songs, and with the sidebar giving suggestions it's cool to play stuff you have never heard..

Which of course isn't the case with DP having been a huge fan since i was a kid.. and wearing out so many cassettes of made in japan..

That being said.. the other night perfect strangers popped up and it used to be one of my favorite albums.. but i havn't heard it in like 20 years.. So i decided to play the song.. and just man.. that pocket is SOOOOO deep.. and that beat sooooooo good to lay into... just love Ian so much..

I didnt play drums til recently, i was a guitar player so i didnt listen to drummers in songs like i would guitars and man.. ian is just awesome....

That is all:)