Ian Paice drumstick specification


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Thank you for your help.
but i'm looking for a bit more information then this.(i'm talking aboud the spec on promark site)
I.m looking for a sketch with more dimensions

I've talked to a guy at promark and he said that they could not give me the drawing.but i was looking for something else.some indications how to createmy own drumstick and what program to use

Pls help


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Buy a pair of his sig, sticks. Take note of the measurements you're interested in. Speak to a custom stick maker and get one knocked up in the same specs.


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I bought his sig drumsticks.but there is only one problem.I don't know any stick maker
Could you tell me if you know somebody?
have a nice day


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When doing a google search using the terms "custom drum sticks" I'm getting a huge amount of matches.

This forum - as most if not all forums - has a secret weapon called search function, too.
So what I did was... using the search function and searching for "custom drum sticks". As expected, a good number of matches. Check them out - many/most of them might be irrelevant for your need but browse thorough some of those threads and you should find some custom drum stick manufacturers that people are happy with.