I will NEVER buy / own _______, and here's why.


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A 20" deep bass drum. I don't fancy lugging one around, trying to fit one in my car, through a regular doorway without trapping my fingers. I prefer bass mounted toms - the depth would either require the mount to be in the centre of the drum for comfortable tom positioning. And .... every time I see one I think about Thomas the tank engine.
What 'chu talkin' bout no 22x20 ?



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Only thing that comes to mind are drums or drumgear stating religion in their brand name and/or promoting religious stuff; Truth, Risen, Joyful Noise etc.


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1. I would never buy Mapex "Mydentity" drums because I think the name is really stupid.

2. More seriously, I would not purchase a kit with a virgin bass for the purpose of having a virgin bass. I'm not against virgin bass drums, but I think they are basically a scam by drum companies to save money. They've convinced drummers that virgin bass drums sound better (at least some drummers), but I'm not convinced that this isn't really about using less hardware and manufacturing time to save money by the drum companies.

3. A Pearl kit, and I really don't know why...


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One more. I would never buy a Taye GoKit. I had one and really hated the sound and construction.


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1. Just like so many. A Pearl set. Yes, I hate the Tom mounts.
2. A rack. I...hate...racks!!!!!!
3. 5B sticks. Too heavy
4. An electric set. Does not feel authentic.
5. Any throne that you have to put a screw through the post for height leverage, because I like to sit high, they can never get high enough.


Despite severely lacking in originality, I will have to say a Pearl drum kit as well. The name has been unfortunately associated with the low end studio kits that none ever bothered cleaning or tuning since my high school years.

Snare drums that cost an arm and a leg are a no go as well. In my case, an arm and a leg translates into over $1000. For some, this may of course be in the realm of "affordable", just not for me.


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I too do not have a positive reaction to anything that is red. I don't even think I would choose red if I bought a Ferrari. I have no red clothes.


I owned MMX and BRX x 2 - all had those terrible mounts but I thought with each new version the optimount would be improved, but it wasn't.

I honestly cannot fathom why they would hang all that weight on the tension rod.

My first kit was a red Mapex Mars bought for £79 from Denmark St in London. We put it in a taxi and then put it on the train and took it back to my hometown using the guards van. Loved that kit and played it for 8 years, then got an orion, which was nice, but not great.

I will essentially try anything but the only stuff I wouldn't buy now is as follows:

DW drums, hardware
Pearl kits
Ludwig kits
Guru or indeed any boutique mega price kit
Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
Stagg hardware
Vic Firth sticks
Evans G2, G1 heads

I now play Sonor Prolite and Paiste Signature using Pearl Hardware, Evans EC2 or Onyx heads and Promark Akashi oak stick

I will consider a snare from any manufaturer, but the kits I won't buy anything other than Sonor any more.

Who would thought that my favourite drummers play the same kit and cymbals as me? :)


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Like many people I can think of stuff I once said I'd never own but now do.
That being said, Cajon! I "played" one for a whole night and was left feeling that they're a little bit of a con when wheeled out as a semi acoustic solution in a Rock environment. I get told off by my wife for drumming on tables, counters, bar rails, steering wheels etc and many times the result is more musical and carries better than a Cajon. If you want to go down the semi acoustic route to get more work in quieter venues then buy brushes or rods and reign yourself in.

In defence of the Pearl tom mounts, I get them. Pearl need to provide instructions to show how to use them and people's opinions might change. For unbelievers, next time you're sat behind an Export in rehearsal rooms lift the vertical post as far up as it will go, twist the upright so that your left hand tom is in the 7/8 o'clock position, lower the upright down to a usable height, adjust the tom angle using the wingnut adjustment on the tom itself. Try it, it works, in my experience the issue with its adjustability stems from people not lifting the upright enough, when used on a rack people automatically seem to get it right.


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I used to say this. Now I own two.
Pearl really needs to invest in marketing.

The reference shell concept is brilliant IMO. I would not hesitate if I found a used one locally but that never happens, which is a true testament to their owners satisfaction.

Had I kept my trusty sbx I owned for 20 years before buying then selling a dw performance, a ludwig legacy and a gretsch usa custom and in the end keeping a RC and a C&C PD2 I would have saved around 3000$ -and be no better nor worse off. I have had a busy 3 year shopping spree...

As for the infamous never-ever game, I can now say I do not plan on buying anything for which there is no local market. Getting stuck with an unloadable high end kit tends to suck big time and packaging and shipping to larger markets is a royal pita. I like my possessions to be as liquid as possible, because you never know.

I can say though I will never intentionally buy my last and forever kit. I love the hunt and will probably never tire of it. That is a decision I leave to the drumming gods.


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Me too. Such linkages are just not cool, and they probably hurt business by alienating many consumers who can choose between several brands.
Yeah, and this part of this thread really embarrassed me. So to tell the truth, in my day job I'm professor and I specialize in the anthropological study of religion at a large research university. And the linkage between "Truth", "Joyful Noise," etc. and religion never occurred to me. Duh. Granted, I don't teach Western religion, but one would think I might have connected the dots...


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Zildjian Scimitar (or whatever replaced them) horrible, shocking, terrible WORST sound ever!,
Replaced them with Paiste Alpha's! :),
OR ANY över -priced boutique/custom" drums!.