I was wrong about cast drums with thick heads

Push pull stroke

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So I had heard that a lot of metal drummers like to use cast shell drums with thick heads. I thought this was really dumb—why get a loud drum that’s heavy and hard to carry, then mute it?

Well, I was wrong. The actual effect of putting a thicker, dry-sounding head on a cast snare is that your ghost notes are perfectly clear, and they never get lost in the mix. Also, you get a wonderful crisp snare sound with nice body to it, at every volume level, that is nicely articulate, but also plenty loud.

I know this because I got a cast brass Worldmax 6.5x14 with a vented coated Evans head on it, and it has become my favorite drum to gig with. So dry, so articulate, loud without being overpowering, and the ghost notes are so clear and present.


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Its all about the bounce and attack. Since we metal drummers pummel our snares quite readily, we need that dude to speak then shut up real fast. If it's too muddy, stuff like blast beats will sound horrid.

How high of a tuning are you using?


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