I want to learn all about drumms !


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Hi! the reason I am here is because I want to learn about this world, but i just don't know where to start, and how to recognize good musicians. I am learning to play drums but my lessons are reduced because I don't have a lot of time .. so i thought i could learn something from here. i would like to know about the music you know, the best sounds, who is the best, why ,the passion about this world,everything...

Thank you .
with all due respect. L.P.

Bo Eder

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Well, I think your questions are a little too broad to get any direct answers here, but welcome!

Perhaps you should try thinking about it this way: what do you like? what do you plan on getting out of drumming? do you want to play in a band? what kind of music do you like?
Being a musician isn't quite a noble activity, we're all actually a little selfish because we're expressing what "we" like, we're doing what "we" want to do, and in the end, people pay us to do it.

So what is it you plan on getting out of the study of drumming?


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TDG welcome to the forum its a great place to be and learn. On the main DW page there are a lot of resources for you to learn from and acquire tastes in who you like and what you like. I am a fairly new drummer in the past 2 years and have learned a lot here from all the great guys and gals so stick around read, ask, and learn but most of all practice.

Bo said it best, great advice and very succinct.


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Yes, a big welcome. This is a great place to be. I'm an old fart, and have learn't more than I ever knew existed since I joined this site. Just hang around, get involved, don't be afraid to ask, & have fun. You'll be good to go. There's little mystery in drumming, except Gruntersdad, lol!


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LP how old are you? Just so we can get an idea of where you're coming from.
Do you have a kit set up at your house?
How long have you been playing?

Music is Awesome

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Welcome to DW. Just looking around the site and using the "Search" feature are the best ways to find good anwers to any drum or music related questions.


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im 20, but just new at this.
no, i dont have.. my dad has it( he alway insisted that i had to play but never listened till im to far to.. ) but at home and i study in other city so cant really practice.

i already started watching videos here and there, is helping , i think :)


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practically every question that can be asked about drumming has been asked and answered here at one time or another, so look around. but if you still have questions, then ask away!


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Honestly, at first this place was just an immense library of knowledge for me, and it's grown into more than that. I'm always on here reading and not only learning about drumming but also about people...and I love it. So welcome.


"Uncle Larry"
Yea this place has not only helped me grow as a drummer, but as a person as well. The collection of minds here is unparallelled. We just have the best place in cyberspace here. It's a real family. Except for Bob. He's still considered the red headed stepchild here.

JK Bob, you know you rock!


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Welcome Drummergirl, This is a great place with great peeps to learn from and to just banter with.
I hope you enjoy the drums as much as we all do and I wouldnt worry about who is the best because the best for you is who you gravitate towards (bands,drummers,musicians...etc).
Thats the best way for you to establish your own sound and style IMO.
Just play what you like and be yourself.
Good luck and again, welcome.


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and in the end, people pay us to do it.


More seriously, welcome. And I echo Bo's sentiments about what you hope to get out of playing drums. Music is something that grabs some people and becomes a part of their life. Whether it becomes a profession or not, the muse is still with them. The muse takes many forms and everyone's taste in music is different. Often people's perception of music or even making music is like the proverbial blind men and the elephant. Each person aware of some aspect. I know of very few folks I would consider as having a chance at the whole picture. So I wouldn't worry about that. Enjoy what brings you pleasure in music. Share that with the forum. And folks will respond with their own perspectives. Some of these will reinforce things you already know, some will open new horrizons, and others will just be too strange to understand. Again, everyone has their own take on the muse.

Now take that drum and beat it.


Then come back and tell us how you feel.

Don't think, feeeelll
Welcome to the brotherhood!
This is the greatest place to be and check about drumming, the best resource of ever, enjoy it!

First off, learn the rudiments from there you will move forward and up.


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Your first step in your path to becoming a good drummer is too try out for Dream Theater. Mike Portnoy is out you know...

JK. How much experience do you exactly have? Do you know how to hold sticks at least? If you EVER need any help, just ask here or search the site (remember to click on the drummerworld search button, not the web search).

And remember, the internet is an unlimited resource. Anything and everything you will need for quite a while can be found online.

Welcome to DW!


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Welcome to Drummerworld.​
Hi! the reason I am here is because I want to learn about this world, but i just don't know where to start...
Check out the Drummerworld homepage.

and how to recognize good musicians.
The list of names, there, in multicolored alphabetical order .... all those peeps fall into the "good" musician category. See a name you recognize? Click on it, and start reading. That's one way to start your journey.​
so i thought i could learn something from here. i would like to know about the music you know, the best sounds, who is the best, why ,the passion about this world,everything
Like some have said, we're all individual's ... so bests ... favorites .... is all subjective ...​
Just jump into any thread topic that interests you ... the rest will follow. Oh ... and don't bash Ringo ....​
... and don't set up your drums like this​



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i study in other city so cant really practice.
Oh, yes you can......mark my words.

Just get a pair of these: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Pro-Mark-American-Hickory-Drumsticks?sku=443030 and one of these: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/HQ-Percussion-2Sided-Speed-and-Workout-Drum-Pad?sku=445396 add a copy of this book: http://books-videos-music.musiciansfriend.com/product/Alfred-Stick-Control-for-the-Snare-Drummer-Book?sku=908022 and you've got everything you need to make a start. The rest is all part of your journey.

Good luck.

Bo Eder

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Well, that's only happened to me once. That club owner can no longer hustle his bands. Especially without the use of his legs.

I'm kidding! I'm kidding! I do not condone the violence of my personal thugs! ;)


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Migaluch haha yeeah im gonna try for DT ... and yees i know how to grab a drum stick, i know the basic you know, like tu tu pa . (thats in spanish) oh and i can play seven nation army ;)
and HC noo i would never set my drums like that. but maybe the cymbals.
Gold guy , yeah i need to get those! next time i have my pocket full of gold.. money.. i'll buy them ;)