i want another drum kit!


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i currently own 2 kits: a tama starclassic (22", 10", 12", 16") and a tama fibrestar (22", 12", 13", 16").

i want to buy a kit with a 26" kick, bonham sizes.

I have no idea what to get, or where i'm going to put it but for the past 2 or 3 months i've had a huge led zeppelin vibe going on, and i really would like big drums.

i don't want to spend a fortune (with the tama, you can only get bubinga elite's in a 26", and the bass drum alone costs $4,000rrp.... not interested in that),

anyone got any ideas? probably 3~4.5k maximum... i'd consider ordering from the states too, it'd probably be cheaper even with import tax..


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For that kinda cash ... I'd get a Ludwig Legacy Bonham kit, if you want to buy new .... or get an honest-to-gosh, vintage, pre 76 Ludwig Bonham (and have the real deal).​


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there's no way i'll recreate the exact sound bonham had, so my idea is to get something similar to the sizes he had, and make my own sound out of it.

also any good websites that sell crush and ludwig that will send them over here to aus? i only really know memphis drum shop, guitar center and musicians friend...

i can get a custom made maple kit from a guy up in brisbane - got a snare done with him and i'm pretty impressed, just wondering what my other options are too..
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Doesn't Ludwig make a Centennial Zep kit that sells for a grand or so? I have a set of Premier Artist Maple with a 26" kick that I bought new for less than a grand shipped but that was 5 or 6 years ago. Probably don't make them now. David
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Ludwig discontinued Centennial production,about 2 months ago,so you would have to search music stores,for existing stock.

I've also seen used Vistalite Bonham kits going for 2-2500 US on ebay,as well as rewrap wooden kits for up to 3K US .A genuine 3 ply Ludwig green sparkle vintage kit,would go for some serious coin,because 26" bass drums were not common,and neither was green sparkle wrap,or thermogloss maple.

You could also piece together a kit,using a marching bass and a marching snare turned into a tom.I heard a kit like that last summer,and it sounded HUGE.Cheers

Steve B
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I saw below the mentioning of crush drums, they are great from what I hear. You should check out their site, they have all sorts of different shell types all within a good price range.


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I have no idea what to get, or where i'm going to put it but for the past 2 or 3 months i've had a huge led zeppelin vibe going on, and i really would like big drums.
anyone got any ideas?
I've got an original 1977 Custom set of Gretsch USA (Jaspar shells), all oversized.
Ebony maple...................cast hoops................all have original serial number green stickers on silver-coated interiors.

Bass = 24 X 14
Rack toms are 13 X 9, 14 X 10, 15 X 12.
Floor tom is 18 X 16.

Let me know if you want to talk.


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From reading this forum, I have heard that prices are relatively high in Australia. Since you want big, Zep sizes, I would steer you toward Ludwig. I would guess that you might try internet ads first.

I've been to Queensland and NSW. It's a beautiful county, but it is a long way from the US and Europe where a lot of the big drum makers are. Japan is home to some big names in drums and it isn't all that close either, I hope you can pull it off.