I took the Saluda plunge


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Well, after thinking about it long and hard for a long long time, I finally gave in and decided to take advantage of the trade-in program through Saluda.

They gave me a great agreement price for my used Zildjian ZBTs, and I am getting Earthworks Hats and Ride, and Tesla splashes, crashes, and a china. My cymbals just arrived in South Carolina today, and I can't wait for the Saludas to get back here!

Quick thought, what are good descriptors to use while talking to Jamie about how to tune the cymbals? Dry and dark are words that make sense to me, but after that I'm at a bit of a loss.


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Just talk to Jamie and tell him how you would like them to sound. Try not to use pointless words you think sound like cool drumwords. He knows his stuff and will get you want you want.

I have no idea about the Tesla's but I love my Earthworks. Actually that reminds me that I need to contact him and finish off my set with some Nemesis.

Whatever you choose- you will be really glad you went with this choice


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Congrads on the switch to Saluda.

I have a set of 9 Earthworks, I love them a lot!

As for how to tell Jamie what you want yours to sound like. I used a couple differant ideas. 1st for my main ride I wanted & asked jamie for a ride that was very heavy, a loud defined ping & not crashable at all. I ended up with a great 22" Dry Heavy Raw Bell Ride, That pings like crazy & sounds like crap if I was to try & crash it. 100% what I wanted...
To me the perfect clasic rock ride sound.

Then my way of telling Jamie what I wanted for my second ride was simple. I asked for a Earthworks 20" ride that was very crash able "just like a Zildjian sweet ride" Guess what? I have a 20" Saluda Earthworks that sounds (in my opinion) even better than a Zildjian sweet ride.

So i tried to discribe to him what it was I wanted & then I also used cymbals from Zildjian & Sabian to tell him how I wanted things to sound.

So I hope you enjoy you Saludas when you get them. I love my more than any cymbals I've ever played.

Lets see some pics when they come in.


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I emailed them Friday with a list of trades I would like to do, I'm trading mostly A customs. So my question is, what was the waiting process like start to finish?


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The wait process was a little uncomfortable for me, because I'm not a very patient person. That being said, after sending an email with my pictures and trade stuff, I received a reply from Jamie after about 4-5 days. Less than a week, anyway. After my cymbals were received by them, about 3 weeks before I got an email saying mine had been shipped to me. Not too bad, really.

Here's some pics of the Saluda cymbals as I unboxed them:

I got Earthworks Hats and Ride, and Tesla Crashes and splashes. I'm loving these cymbals so much. Basically everyone I know around here is getting an earful about how great Saluda is. They really do sound as good as they look!
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Shortly after I posted in this thread I emailed Jamie and did the trade in. Monday I should be receiving my new Saluda setup. They're all Glory series. I'm going to post a new thread when I get them.


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Those cymbals really look great. I hear nothing but good stuff about Saluda. I might have to try them soon.


I play the Glory line. Everytime I sit down on another kit i cringe because I know there is no way they will sound as great as my saludas

wy yung

I checked out the website and pricing. These cymbals appear to be great value.

Thanks for posting this thread. I might get a couple to see what they are like.


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Sorry it took so long. Yes I did get the cymbals and yes they're awesome. I ended up with two 18" crashes, one medium thin and the other thin. A 20" medium ride and 14" medium hats, also got a 10" splash. These things sound amazing and whenever I gig at least one person asks me about them. Really glad I decided to get them. I'll post some pics. Can you post a pic from a phone or tablet? Don't have my laptop with me and I can't figure it out on mobile.