I prefer solid black


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Although I'd prefer the hole-less, logo-less front head, the maple hoops make it look like a bunch of shells while the black hoops make it a kit.


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So I finally got around to trying my newly re-built Rogers 22” bass drum with blond maple and black hoops. I like the look of all black better. What do you folks think?
Wait…you have both blonde and black hoops?
If so I’d use the black for rock and the blonde for jazz.


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The black looks classy and professional. The blonde looks like a players kit.


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Generally speaking almost every time I've seen a kit with natural Maple hoops I think they look great however on a black kit I think I prefer the black hoops. I had a transparent red Tama kit with natural Maple hoops that I really liked I've seen purple also with Maple hips that looked great But I think with black I prefer black on black


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I like the black hoops a lot more. Natural can be nice, but they look slightly out of place on a black kit to me. Where I'd add contrast is in the front head; either smooth white or a Colortone for a pop of color. Uncle Larry would probably suggest a Starfire, and he'd be totally correct.


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The matching hoops. The natural one's just look off to me.