I-Pad and drummers


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Recently at a live show in Nashville, I noticed the drummer running something from an I-Pad. Was this a click to his songs? What app would this be?


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It could have been any number of things. Could have been a click, a setlist, sequences, or backing tracks.
I have a kindle fire that I use to run a click for my in ears.


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Several drummers at clinics here have used iPads to play their backing tracks. At a show it could be clicks.


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Was he running the mixer via IPad? Although being in back he’s in a bad position do so, some drummers do...


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The iPad can be a very useful tool for working musicians. I use an iPad to run click and/or backing tracks at church. If I'm subbing with a group, I will use an iPad for set lists, song structure notes and lyrics for leads or harmonies. On some PA systems, you can control your own monitor mix as long as you have the app for that brand of console. I don't use it on many shows but when I do, it contains really any show related notes I could think to put in there and the wind or my fan isn't going to blow it off the stand.


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We run our backing tracks at church through an iPad.

Here's my iPad mini used with our PreSonus system. I use it to EQ my IEM's.