I need your advice regarding noise of training pad in appartments.


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I've got the same problem. I bought a Vic Firth practice pad and stand about 6 years ago. Waaaay too loud. So I bought two foam drum covers (8in I think) and cut them to fit. I glued the first onto the VF and then the second onto the first after it was still too loud for my taste (you would have to decide). Shoe Goo is the magic glue sold in clear and black. Pretty easy to do.

While it's not rebound city as far as the buzz rolls go, I would rate it an 8 our of 10. If you decide to go down that road, message me and I'll walk you through. I can fill you in as far as what locally available glue would do the trick if you don't have access to Shoe Goo.

Don't know if it makes my neighbors happy or not cause they can't hear it! Well, ok, maybe they could hear it when I practiced the rim shots as you can see from the slightly damaged rim <g>.

Another great option is a pork pie rubber pad that goes on top of your snare drum.


Would u prefer me to practice before 8pm,,,or after 3 am
Some silent pads were advised to me here by cool guys there. Finally they have arrived. I made a video with comparison of relatively silent pads with their tapping sound.
Please checkout:

Also i want to say that you don't need to practice all day long unless you are doing it professionally. 5 minutes in 2 sessions per day divided with several hours with some music accompaniment is fine and not getting neighbors angry. And if it goes with music - its even better. Also silent pads are good since you won't feel guilt or shame of disturbing neghbours. Regarding stand i would like to say that its far more better to put it on table so you can watch some movie upon practise
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