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I have a 70s-80s Sonor Phonic. The tom sound is really bad. I wanted to know if they sound bad because of the old drum heads, or because the kit is trash. Im considering to buy a new kit but maybe if i change the heads the sound will be much better. What is your opinion? Should i change both top and bottom heads? Should i buy a new kit?Screenshot_2019-10-10-00-17-22-586_com.miui.gallery.png

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Sonor Phonic are some of the best drums in History (I owned three full sets of them)...a new head is always going to sound different but consider the main cause normally is how you tune it...Tuning a drum is a very difficult task, it is not a guitar with one variable that anyone can tune with a tuner, you have as many variables COMBINED from all the screws from top and botton... and still there is not a fix tuning to go for...87914
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No idea about YOUR kit's condition but Phonics in general are excellent drums (don't sell them unless you really hate the sizes). Remove the heads, check for flaws and get new heads if everything looks fine.
http://www.sonormuseum.com/ -> Catalogs
Thank you...should i replace the resorant heads too? I want a budget solution but if resorant heads make a huge difference then i will not hesitate.
Probably if they haven't been changed for many years. If you can provide more pictures of the set, that would help a lot.
You can get packages like 12, 13 and 16" that will be cheaper than buying the heads individually. Google Shopping is good for finding such deals. If you don't have brand preferences, you can look for Remo, Evans and Aquarians.


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Well, my theory will always stay the same regarding what makes in the end the actual drum sound..:

* 50% the drummer (or actually 100% but a nice drummer can also get no sound out of dead drumheads)..
* 45% drumheads and tuning..
* 5% (tops!) drum set/wood/etc..

Will forever stay a mystery to me why most drummers are busy that much with mainly those last 5%..

I guess to keep the manufacturers busy..