I need help.


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Hey everyone. I just joined here. So I need help. Not sure where to ask but just figured here would be ok? Any ways I'm looking to purchase a new hi hat stand. One that I can raise very high. See I'm 6'7" and the problem with my current hi hat stand is that I have to stack four DVD cases under each of the leg things for it to be at a comfortable height. It also doesn't look pretty at all on stage. So any suggestions? I Thank everyone that reads this or helps me in advance. Thank you.


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Hey, I know they make different rod lengths. Have you tried searching for one? I know DW sells an extra long rod that reaches 27" . My Iron Cobra stand is pretty long for me and I'm about 5'11" and that thing is just 20" so maybe for your size the DW or something similar should help. I'm new here too by the way, so I hope this helps
Nice one :) dw makes some good one's, or DW 9500 hi hat, comes whit a second rod thats longer then the standard :) .... don't know if lower models of DW hi hat stand have the second rod olso ..... might need to look that up :)

Maybe consider a remote pedal. That way you can clamp the top section to a cymbal stand or the like and have it however high you like.