I need advice to know what gear to buy for using only feet

Miguel Anumano

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Hello drumming community, thank you for existing.

I Play a multi instrument percussion set with various drums like congas, Djembe and more... and i need to add pedals to use both feet, with some kind of module to wich i can import sounds that suit me...

I was thinking to simply buy a Roland spd one WAV, but one pad costs 250€, meaning 2 would be 500, i cannot aford that right now...

I could buy a simple e drum kit for cheap, but then i cannot import sounds and this feaure is a must for me at the moment.
a Kit that i can import sounds is more expensive and also it doesn't make sense for me because i really want to use only the feet, i have no intrest in using the hand pads at all.

My budget is tight at the moment...

I know nothing about e drum equipment, can you help me understand what equipment is out there that can fit my needs?

I thank you in advance for the support.



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I only just learned of this device, but it is a trigger that you mount on a foot pedal and with it, you can produce any sound an electronic drum nodule will have available. It is called Triggera Bix.