I Need a Smaller size Ride Cymbal


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I have a Roland VAD 306 kit, but I’ve replaced the electronic cymbals with real ones… all except for the ride cymbal. I really want to have a real ride cymbal, but it needs to be about 14”, because that’s the size of the Roland electronic ride and the size is important here.

Can anyone recommend a good, heavy 14” cymbal that would pass for a ride or crash/ride?
I agree with others. Rethink this plan. You probably need an 18” to be a decent ride. Also, why would you want to use a real cymbal that produces one sound on an electronic kit that lets you pick from many different sounds?
too annoyingly high pitched and a hitting a heavy 14" as a ride , will sound like hitting a bell-
you'd have to find the lightest thinnest possible 14" probably from the late 40s or early fifties..... wait I have one.

a 676g 14" Trans Stamp Avedis Zildjian 1940s.
It'll be quiet but could be soothing.

Find 1, or 14" Thin Crash Avedis from the 90s
just going to have to control the splashin' and dancing around it will do
with an aware hand
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Wow, interesting idea Jda… And the bottom hi-hat idea sounds interesting as well, but come to think of it, a 16” might be better.

Or like the others have said, it’s probably a bad idea in general. The electronic cymbal is not too bad, but you can hear the plastic being hit when the drum kit volume is lower. I jut love the sound of the real cymbals…

Maybe I’ll just live with it…
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It sounds like you might be gearing up to go acoustic. I am a believer in small rides and regularly play my 16" Istanbul Mehmet Vezir flat ride and 17" Dream Vintage Bliss crash/ride. I have bigger rides too but these are my smallest. I have a 16" Agean Elegant paper-thin crash that is surprisingly stiff/dry and you can definitely use it as a light ride. I have a pair of Agop 30th anniversary hats (super thin), one 90s Zildjian New Beat top hat, and a set of heavy Paiste Sound Creation hats - all are 14" and the Agops would be the most viable for my taste as "rides". Agean makes a wide range of 16" rides, though, for example.

I think if you are able to increase your size requirement (to 16" or larger) you will be much better off, but where there is a will there is a way. Keep us posted!
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How about a passive pair of high hat cymbals (mounted like high-hats, but in a fixed position)? If you use a clutch to leave a bit of slosh, that might be a workable substitute for a ride.