I need a new project


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I've already posted about my goal of building a noise isolating drum riser, but that is really a personal project. I'd like to build something for the entire band.

When not practicing, and my hands get idle, I like to build. It often gets me out of whatever rut or phase of depression I happen to be in. Trouble is, like the drum riser, without motivation and a desire to see a finished product from others (an issue I'm working on) I find it hard to be motivated myself.

I have a woodworking/metal shop in my garage out back and used to design/build products for the theater/stage industry among many other overlapping disciplines. Our guitarist is also a circuitry wizard which throws an entire new element into the game. I'd prefer not to rely on him, so I'd like to keep the electrical work to a minimum. I guess I'm trying to put my head into the mind of the stagehand/roadie/the look of the live show/overall improvements as opposed to creating a new pedal for example.

If I were a rich man I'd 'biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy bum,' but a rich man I am not. I am resourceful however. I think that was the correct number of "biddys."

So! Throw out your ideas. If you want more details as to our current setup to help poke holes, just ask.

Off the top of my head:
- A solid stand to mount a keyboard/controller overtop of my bass drum, (concept seen here):

- Some custom guitar wall hangers (or any space saving ideas for that matter)