I miss Pollyanna


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So True Polly.. At the Grammy's the other night Ringo happened to be there and they asked him, "Who are you hoping wins tonight?"

His reply, "I didn't come to see people win or loose, I came to watch everybody play!"

way back in high school among the many band rivals, we talked the school into making the talent show just a fun entertaining night without making it a contest. When the contest went away, everyone started working together, and the show was ten times entertaining than it ever had been before.

Why do we have to compete with each other. That's an ego thing, not a music thing. Be a band that gets a break and gets to open for a headliner. If you try to compete with them, you won't be on their tour very long.

Celebrate our differences..!

Is Ringo a Great Drummer? an Okay Drummer? or, a Not so good drummer?

Well, he played for the biggest band ever! Nuff said..!!??!!
I forgot about this thread. Well damn, bring Pollyanna back! Where the hell is she? Never mind, she talks too much anyway.

Is Ringo a great drummer? What's a great drummer? All I know is I enjoy a lot of what he plays and he does things that are harder than they sound. Love how secure he is in leaving big spaces and coming back into the beat right on the button. Love his energy in the early Beatles concerts. Love his tom sounds. Love that big washy crash. Love the kooky ideas where you think, "Gee, if I was played this piece I would never have thought of that approach".

And I especially love the fact that he plays things that sound good but are relatively attainable and can therefore be a useful influence for me. There's really not a whole lot I can take from Billy Cobham or Tony Williams other than going, "Wow, that's wonderful!".

I suppose people could say that he represents the past along with the other dinosaurs of the 60s and 70s and to get with the program, but I'm happy being retro, whether it's fashionable or not.

If being a Ringo-head is good enough for someone like Jim Keltner then it's surely good enough for me.

wy yung

Hey Pol, you still up? Do you not have to work young lady???

Me, I am memorizing Porcupine Tree's latest disc for the gig next Saturday.

I teach at 5 pm tomorrow. You see the luxurious life of the musician???

Luxury without money. The credulous life of the full time muso! :)