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I was surprised when a friend, yesterday, posted a picture of me in the November 2015 issue (#233) of Drum Magazine! I knew that they were interested in doing something on me I just didn't know when it would appear. I guess I must have gotten sidetracked at the time while reading this issue? Anyway, grateful to my friend for bringing it to my attention and very grateful to DRUM Magazine and Ken Babal for the positive article. I hope to continue to improve and grow in my craft! #Blessed!



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Great job!

Peace, Love, and goodwill.

Note: Be careful doing full article pics and large excerpts of mags, as it may run afoul of copyright. I think Bermuda has a similar post somewhere that can serve as a good template for how to post "I'm in a magazine" pics.


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Good advice from Kamak, although since this is an older story and the issue is no longer available for sale, I don't imagine it's a problem. :)

Congrats Gina!



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Thanks for the props and the heads-up, guys. I don't think the link to these older stories even exist? Not that I could find, anyway? Appreciete the feedback! I'll have to learn how to make smaller pictures?
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I'll have to learn how to make smaller pictures?
The crux is that periodicals want the reader to become interested and buy a subscription to read the rest. Copyright has concessions for excerpts, but wholesale posting can result in a civil tort, or worse, they simply will not run you in subsequent issues. Just be careful and exercise restraint when in doubt.

Doing something like the following usually works, but IANAL.

Again, congratulations.


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Very cool Gina.....nice work and congrats.

Its also nice to see someone using a setup such as mine where the hats are more horizontal to the snare as opposed to shifted to the front more since the tom configuration, like mine is shifted to the left.