i love the way you lie


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You dont suck at all. Tight grooving, and I like your playing attitude, theres a nice feel to it.

The fills seemed to be a little anxious and rushed, but maybe thats because you were recording and filming yourself.

Nice job.

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thanks. yeah it was a little anxious, that was only the third time i'd played that song. timing drops were due to not being able to hardly hear with those 'phones.


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I agree with Aydee. The overall playing is good, but you're speeding up when coming out of your fills, losing a lot of your groove (it gets better as the tune progresses; maybe you got used to the camera or got more into the song). Try to really focus on keeping the pulse going through your fills; other than that, good job.

I really like that side snare groove. You've got a good thing going on there.


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Yeah, what Naige & Aydee said. Apart from some fill related timing issues, & a chunk of unecessary double kicks in the chorus (x 1 on the into or exit would make the point), I really enjoyed that. Suck? Absolutely not.


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Your love for playing the drums really comes through. You don't suck at all. What's the opposite of suck? Blow? You really blow lol.

I'm just kidding of course. There is something in your personality and approach that is entertaining, even if some minor things aren't exactly perfect. I guess I'm referring to heart. You play from the heart, and that's what audiences want to see. People will forgive imperfections if the love for playing is obvious.
Lol, I get what your sayin' there. I can't ready music at all and I haven't tried to learn to read it. Everything I play and know I've taught myself, no lessons on anything so all my playing comes strictly from the heart. I really should have practiced that song more to smooth out all of the fills, but oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. Next one will be better rehearsed. I'm not really that happy with my playing in that one, I just wanted get a video up to give people a little better idea of who I am and how I play and all, also to give me a reference point to track my progress. But thank you all for the constructive critisism, it is inspiring me to work up another video. Just trying to decide what song to mess with right now.