I love sweet new hardware.


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I love it even better when it's cheap! Typically I try to buy all my gear used, but I've been struggling to find just what I wanted on the used market. What I was looking for was a couple of the lightweight single-braced Yamaha straight cymbal stands. Yamaha discontinued them a couple years ago and the used market was the only place. Well, I thought I had scored when I found a pair of single-braced straight Yamaha stands in the used section of the Guitar Center Dallas, TX store. They arrived last week and I was most disappointed to find that they were very heavy, like heavier than even my 700-series boom stands. So, back to the store they went along with a boom arm that I had purchased thinking it was a short one based on the pic and it was simply the top half of a boom stand that someone had removed from the base, and beyond that it was pretty beat up. All of that gave me just over $100 in store credit and as much as it pained me to do so, I ordered two brand new Yamaha CS650A straight lightweight, single-braced cymbal stands...apparently Yamaha re-released these and let me tell you, they are as sweet as can be for gigging hardware. Everything you need, nothing you don't and they collapse nice and short. http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/drums/hardware/cymbal-stands/cs650a/?mode=model

The redeeming icing on the cake for GC was that I found a brand new Pearl S-830 snare drum stand on their used site for $4.99. Not sure what they were thinking on that one, but yay for me! This is a really nice snare stand and despite it being double braced, it's still pretty lightweight.

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Good deal. I like those stands.I got a yamaha single braced stand with my kit. the others are Dbl. braced. It has just as wide of stance as the Dbl. I've been wondering if I should try to find someone, who will trade me singles for Dbl. Tripods only. If yours is like mine it's a great stand. I have seen some with a small stance though, I wouldn't want those.


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Love Yamaha hardware. It's all I use.

I've been thinking about picking up a couple of the CS650A's so it's nice to finally hear some real life feedback on them. Thanks for the timely posting.


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For anyone curious, I had them shipped to my work and so I had a chance to weigh them on our postage scale. The CS650A weighs 5.45lb. That's a full 1lb lighter than the 700-series boom stands, which are still pretty light compared to the DW5000's I was using before.


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I've got 700 series boom stands, but I've been thinking about getting a couple of the 600 series straight stands. I usually use them as straight stands anyways.

Always a 'feel-good' time when you run across a great deal.