I Have Been Off For Around 2 Weeks - And This Is Why:


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I Got Married!​

Believe it or not - there is a beautiful, intelligent, loving, warmhearted, awesome and incredibly cute girl who dared to marry me! We've been together for 9 years now, I did the marriage proposal two years ago and this year we finally fixed it - after both of us turned 50 this year.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-07 um 22.03.41.jpg

Since we both are atheists the main marriage happened at the registry office only. This is us leaving the office, being received by way over 100 people waiting for us with a soap bubble machine and lots of Prosecco:


Standesamt 3.jpg

We were then transferred to the event location by the president of the local biker gang in his stunning Mercedes Benz 220S:

Im Auto.jpg

Im Auto 2.jpg

MB 220S.jpg

There's no wedding photos by now since our photographer currently is on holiday. Maybe I'll post some later. We hosted around 125 guests, offering a 5 star barbecue with king prawns, lamb fillet, entrecote, spare ribs and lots of side dishes, salads aso, the bartender served whatever the bar had to offer, we had currywurst as midnight snack and two awesome DJ's who set the dance floor on fire:


Here's a shot of the party locations outdoor area, an approx. 800 year old knight's estate:


And btw - you HAVE to get one of these photo boxes with some fancy gimmicks for your next party - it's hilarious! Here's two shots, the first one is my IT company, the second one part of my former band Jammin*INC:



Afterwards we went on a 7 day honeymoon on the island Rügen (see next post)...


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We booked a 5 star superior hotel with a rooftop pool and sauna - and this is how it looks what they call "booked out":


Here you can see my wedding ring replacement:


It says "Aber sowas von!" which is what my wife answered when I asked her the question.

Here's us enjoying a bottle of wine at the beach late in the evening:


And a last one:


Seems I'm one of the most happy guys on the friggin' planet :)


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Congratulations Supergrobi -wishing you and spouse the most happiness and long life together. You both are glowing. I count my blessing I found happiness in mates- it’s often a difficult and treacherous path so all the more power to those who succeed.
Best wishes again! Your wife is a smart lady and this is worth saying again-280384073_535716801258266_7077644664534727011_n.jpg


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Congrats! We got married almost 2 years ago (September 1st) and this day the happiest day of my life. Looks like you had a blast! Enjoy the newly weds phase ;) (which over here is still going strong, we didn't even bother to take down the decorations our parents put up hahaha)
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Congrats! He who finds a wife finds a good thing. You have chosen wisely.