I have an issue with my double bass pedals... Can anyone help me out?


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I have a DW 7000 double bass pedal.. I love it :D

Problem is, I cant clamp it to the bottom dead center of my kick drum if i want both beaters to be split across the center of my drum... If I clamp it bottom dead center, my right beater is in the very middle of my drum while the left is slightly off to the side, which gives me a more powerful sound in my right beater and a les powerful sound in my left...

I have to clamp it slightly to the right, at a point where the hoop begins curving up, in order to get both beaters right in the center... But if i tighten it too much, it shifts the position of my pedal (since its on a curve), but If i leave it too loose, my bass drum will begin to run away...

Would anyone like to help me with us?

Thanks :)

Jacob G.


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The best you will be able to do is loosen the part that holds the beater and move it as far to the right as it will go. The left beater will never be able to get closer to center, so you have to move the right one away from center.

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That particular double pedal is not designed such that both beaters are equidistant from the center. But big deal. Most of the time you're playing your main or "right" pedal, so you would want to get the biggest sound from that. If both pedals were a bit offset, neither would take full advantage of the drum's potential.

If you play both pedals so much that having both sound and feel identical is that important to you, you should buy another bass drum and use two single pedals.