I have a chance to get a full room for a studio...need input.


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So there is this room in our storage/office building that is empty save shelving on the wall, built in, concrete floor, will put carpet down...thing is. It (the building), is not very insulated, it can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer inside. It isn't too secure, the back door, which was barely on the frame anyway, got kicked in...but it's on main street on the main highway through town and there is a lot of police presence, since it's half a block away from the station. The next door building is an auto parts shop I go to often, and the other side is a car storage building. I can add locks to the inside doors as well, but I was thinking about this, can drums be stored in a varying temp area suck as this, it won;t change a lot, but it does change seasonally, it is always drier in there too...I might actually be able to soundproof it as well, since I would like to make a space to record and practice in and my bedroom is too small for the PC, three guitars, drums, amps, and extra equipment.