I have 182 Players points and all I got was this lousy shirt!


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I have about 125 points, so I suppose I will wait until the new "store" opens and use them then. Good things come to those who wait. Peace, goodwill, and blues.


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I guess my beef is the fact that they used to have quite a selection of freebies, and now its a choice between a regular evans logo tee and a really lame keychain...
I've got a 1500.00 dollar drum set and Gretsch gave me nothing. All good things must end.


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Funny. I've been buying their heads for 20 years and I never even knew about this program! Those freebies were so free that I couldn't capture them!


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just wait it out man. the info i got from them was that there will be some cool stuff coming.

or if you really wanna get nutty, i have some extra new swag and bags that's long been discontinued...for sale. check out my site for pics and info.

links in my signature.


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I knew they were shutting down the program. I looked a couple weeks ago and was disappointed that the cool stuff was gone.

Didn't know anything about the new store so I guess I'll hold on to the points I have.