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I think your attitude about the gig is as professional as it gets.You show up prepared,and play whats expected of you.Does anyone think that guys like Gadd,Aronoff,Vinny,Wells,or any pro you can think of,show up at a gig and say"I can't play that...its not challenging enough for me".!!!!.Reguardless of how good a player is,if you become demanding and difficult to work with..the phone will stop ringing.Goodbye career.The minute you ego starts getting in the way,you are damaged goods:cowboy up.You're all hat and no cattle.Anyone is replaceable.If any player if frustrated to the point of not being challenged,then leave.Form you own band, and stop letting YOUR problem become everyone elses.

Check your ego at the door like a wet umbrella,and just play the da*n guitar.Rant over.

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Sorry..I just reread the above and I don't want you to think I was directing the negatives at you,and I apologize if you felt my rant was aimed at you.

Quick joke;How to you improve the gas milage of a guitar players car?
Take the Domino's Pizza sign off the roof....

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I'm actually the member of my band who wants more challenging songs, but I am in back so I lose...

We play the easy, basic blues rock and moderately heavy classic rock but none of it challanges me as a musician. I am getting better at consistency, but my fills are sounding the same and the songs feel drab after a while.

But, we still get paid so I can buy new drum stuffs... Sacrifices must be made.