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Taken from Enchante's Cabaret's blog.

Artist Spotlight: "The Cool Ghoul-Nick Mason" by JD Attanasio

It all started with a reference, a few emails and an audition dvd. Then on a windy night at a Starbucks near Buffalo, NY Enchante' Cabaret signed Nick Mason. I left the meeting knowing that we had made the right choice with our latest acquisition, but had no idea what was under the surface. What I have come to find in the past months is that we have the most professional, taleneted and hard working drummer in musical theatre. Yes, many can play drums and fill in well, but few have the musical intuition and prowess that Nick possess. Please keep in mind, this guy is NOT a musical theatre product. He has played and toured with numerous bands throughout the country in the past few years playing shall we say a, "HARDER", style of music than what we deliver. His transition into a totally different genre of music, musical style and emotion has been something an executive producer can only dream of. One of the keys to his transition has been that Nick has been Nick and we have been Enchante'. Neither party tried change the other but were able to find a happy medium in which our productions have benefited greatly from. Nick brings and edge to us, and if you know me, I love an edge. I don't endorse or throw out such praise often but the proof is in the pudding. So come out to one of our performances and be sure to watch the ghoul with the sticks. If you can't see one of our shows, check out where Nick maybe jammin, at www.nickmason.org you won't be disappointed. -John


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Thats awesome man, Is always a rush to read a positive review about our playing. And that is beyond positive. I'm happy for you man, keep up the good work.


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Nick its nice to see the versatility pay off. And it pays to be versatile. Just goes to show you that if you think you can play only one type of music, you will be playing less frequently for sure. Congrats on the show and the review. For the young guys reading this, practice everything you can, and get the gig.


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That's totally awesome! Nice. Like GD said being versatile is certainly not overrated, there's a reason why many drummers say it's important. It pays (sometimes literally).