I found the sweet spot!


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Got the bass drum tuned just right. Aquarian SKII on batter and stock Tama reso. When I let the beater bounce back I can feel a pleasant tingle go through my foot to my ankle from the resonance. Oh yeah, it's good for me.

Anyone else ever experienced this?



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I used to use pwr stroke 3 and an evans head w an inner ring and both were good,but I currently use an sk II on a 14x20 and an sk I on an 18 x 22, and I found that on both that if You try and tune a turn or two above wrinkled they don't respond or sound really good,but as you get higher they really start opening up and when you hit that sweet spot the heads and shell really
start resonating and you can definitely feel that thru the pedal.Never tried an E mad do they tune/respond in a similar manner?


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Ive always heard good things about the Aquarian superkick2's but Ive seen some Aquarian thicker tom and snare heads and they seem ridiculously muffled.


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I've never found a better bass head than the SK line. SK1 or SK2, there are none better! No need for stuffing, Tune med or tight, Whatever you want to do, The SK's will do it!


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The SKII's are definitely one of the nicest kick skins on the market. They're full and open, but pleasantly controllable. I found that if you crank them up too much they sound kind of thin, but at a low to medium tuning, they totally rock.

Also, I'd say they're 2 ply texture coated heads are one of my faviorite snare skins on the market. They're super sensitive and the durability of their coating way outlasts Remo or Evans.

Unforetunately, not all of their skins are all that fanatasic. Like Freebirdgdw said... they're notorious for making skins way too thick and they can just suck all they life out of a drum. I want overtones!!!