I found my way back here


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Hey everyone! Long time to chat. I haven't been on here in a long time. Is there anyone around here who remembers me? I was probably only 10 or 11 last time I was one here. I am now 14 and still playing with the same band. It's good to be back on here!


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No, you left before I joined, but a big welcome back anyhow. Still in the same band, that's quite something from age 11 through 14. Kudos to you for sticking at it.


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I am so lost from the blog world that I could hardly find my way back!! I am so out of breathe I can hardly type. Sinse my last post I went from manager of the Depot to being promoted to being over the entire operations. A dream job come true, I know I am truly blessed but I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. In the midst of typing this post I am worrying if the sales were what they should be for the day, if we had a good traffic flow into the mall, if I am meeting all of our dealers expectations.... My brain never seems to never rest these days...... I have missed posting my weekly blogs and reading about all of the excitement of the next Junk discovery that excites all! I have managed to still continue the hunt of good junk but I hardly ever get it to pictures!! Cross your fingers and toes I think I am on my way back!!! Here are a few of my recent junk treasures!!Now what do we have here..... is that... say it ain't so..... the Kymora is still riding shotgun in my car (for those of you who read my previous post)!! I have not musterd up myself to return that thing. Do you return underwear??? I think it may have been too long.I can't believe I am sharing this picture!!!! I promise the inside of the house does not look this way. On a Saturday morning if I open the garage I am embarassed to say that at least one car will slow down thinking it is a yard sale!!! I know ( I hope) most Junkers garages look this way!!! I can't even remember what I have lost in here!!!