I finally got to "The Late Show" Woohoo!!!!!!

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Well after many years of visits to NYC I finally managed to score a ticket to see The Late Show with David Letterman being recorded... and man, was it ever worth the wait!!

I have been on standby for tickets on a few occasions, but its never worked out. However this time, I finally won big.

It was the filming of the Halloween special, so that was cool on its own.
I've been a huge fan of Paul Schaffer, and the CBS orchestra, and more so Anton Fig for a long time now, so the opportunity to see these fantastic musicians play live was always the driving factor behind seeing the show. Before the filming starts, the band come out and play a few numbers - they were awesome!! Will Lee is fantastic on Bass and Sid Mcguiness the guitarist too. These guys are like watching the best pub band you'll ever see in your life - they played some great tracks too. Surprise highlight was a guest appearance by Slash on guitar, it was fantastic!!!

After the show, I hung back, and was kindly allowed to meet Anton, shake hands, say Hi and get a stick from him. Thanks Anton - it was great to meet you finally.

All in all ... well worth waiting nearly 14 yrs since my first attempt!!!!
Oh - and Dave was as funny as ever and extremely cool, and the main guest - Will Farrell was hilarious!!
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CSB! Sounds like a lot of fun and worth the wait. Meeting Anton is icing on the cake. He's one my personal faves from his work with KISS (good thing you didn't ask him about that) and Ace Frehley.

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Yea I've liked him ever since I bought his "in the groove" video years ago.
Ace plays with him on there, its awesome.

Really nice guy too.


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...Top ten reasons that I am jealous of Meat the Beat

#10 He lives in Wales.
#9 He met Anton Fig,
#8 and got a stick
#7 from Anton Fig.
#6 He was in Ney York
#5 and got to see a taping of Late Night,
#4 and meet Anton Fig
#3 did I mention the stick?
#2 from Anton Fig?

The number one reason that I am jealous of Meat the Beat... he got to meet the beat.

very cool MTB,

very very cool.


Meat the beat

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Thats the best reply I've ever seen on dw...
You are obviously a massive Late Show fan too, you should send it to the late show researchers... they'd probably fly you down!!!!

Top job mate, get down there and see those cats groove...