I feel enlightened and dumb at the same time


So when I've been on the forum I've mainly been complaining about my left wrist not being able to keep speed with the single stroke rolls I've been wanting to do. But the thing is I've been getting frustrated as I've been trying to do fast rudiments using just my wrist when really I should be using my ring finger. I'd be burning out my wrists and then hardly being able to play properly at all towards the end of the week.

From now on I will be trying to do as much drumming as possible using less of my wrist and more of my fingers, I thought the reason I wasn't able to get the speed I wanted was because I didn't physically condition my wrists enough, but really its about technique. Advice to anyone wanting to build up speed and play single stroke rolls fast, build up your finger strength, this video helped me out quite a lot


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Well... fingers are definitely important, it's one of the ways of getting speed, but don't neglect the wrists. Fingers are most important on the snare drum, cymbals etc, but they play a not so important role when we're talking about toms, this brings us to the problem:

- Why do you want to have great fingers only to use them in the majority on the snare drum?

The only way to have a consistent sound is through developing the wrists. Now, don't take me wrong, even on the floor tom, the fingers have their importance, simply most of the work comes from the wrist.

Some amazing drummers, say they don't use fingers at all, such as Dennis Chambers.


If I'm playing 8 strokes or more on one drum at a time I feel I can't maintain a smooth roll using just my wrists, if I'm moving from the snare to the toms then its okay. I incorporate my wrists as well for power, but I feel I'm really able to loosen up and play much faster fills than before if I emphasize using my fingers, and you expend much less energy. I don't just use my ring finger for fills but also for playing 8th notes on the hi hat or floor tom at a high bpm