I don't want to piss off my nieghbors

Good Karma

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As of March 21st the IL. Governor shut down the state so I will have free time to practice more then normal.

Someone on Drummerworld posted videos using I think Remo silent stroke heads. At the time I didn't read to much about it. But having respect for my nieghbors I don't want to cause even more stress in their life in this crisis.
If someone or the source of these videos could attach a link to this thread that would be great. If you would like to comment on the pro's and con's that's fine but I think the original thread will answer some of my questions.

Thank you!


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I've used the Silent Stroke heads for practice at home for the last 5 years, but only on my mounted and floor toms. They are just too bouncy for either the snare head or bass drum head; even loosening them was still too bouncy.
If your practice goal is to get a realistic rebound feel for stick or foot control, the SS bounciness might not work.

I found that sitting an Aquarian super pad on the snare works quite well- enough of the snare sound can be heard, or to quiet it more just turn off the snares. The rebound feels more authentic than any of the rubber pads I have.

For the BD- I took off the reso head and hoop- stuffed a blanket inside and taped on microfiber cloths in a few spots onto the batter (Remo PS3). To reduce the "clicky" volume from the beater, I put a small strip of moleskin on the batter. All these mods keep the volume down but allows for a more realistic foot pedal feel.

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I'm in a house, and my neighbors have told me they don't mind me playing. Maybe in this crisis, your neighbors wouldn't mind either. If everyone is sheltering in place, having the day broken up by hearing some drumming might be welcomed. Maybe you can talk to them about it from 6-feet away?

I'm just courteous when I play - always during the day and I stop before 8PM - no one's complained one bit even when we weren't quarantining.


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I wonder if you put that viscoelastic sorbourethane underneath batter head and on reso head if you could use regular sticks and play same but absorb vibrations and sound ? Hmmm maybe a small space between membranes


Use this as an opportunity to 'brush up' on your brush skills. Throw some headphones in and sit in your backyard with your snare and brushes. You can happily smile and nod to your neighbor as you still get to practice while they can happily smile and nod back because you found a mutually beneficial arrangement while avoiding social contact.


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I sympathize with you , but as Bo Eder said my neighbors dont mind either and I stop playing about 8 .
Even with this virus quarantined stuff it's good to have some down time and am able to play during the day
Good Luck


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Hi Good Karma......you have shown us that you are a very considerate person.

Maybe it's a case of your neighbours needing to be considerate of your needs for a change.

Maybe THEY could close their doors, maybe THEY could add some ad-hoc soundproofing to their place.

Go play your drums with unadulterated raw, primeval passion and power.


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I'm just about to set my small jazz set in my living room with mesh heads on about four old rugs possible on a tennis ball riser. I picked up the idea from the 'non glamorous drummer' on you tube. I think his name is Stephen Clarke try this link


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Try Pintech's single-ply mesh heads. I think they're called "Reaction Series".
I was able to tune them just above finger tight for a very natural feel. The construction is A+, they're ultra quiet (they don't have that 2-ply noise) and they're surprisingly durable. I played the same heads for about 5 years and would have played them longer if I hadn't quit using mesh heads.


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I have the Remo Silent Stroke heads on my kit at home. It does drastically lower the volume and the feel is so much more real compared to a electric kit. I do have the resonant heads on them, so they're a bit louder, but the feel is much better and obviously you get more tone out of them. Before i cut up some old stock reso heads and had (more or less) a concert tom sound. I highly recommend that you keep the snare resonant head and wires on; the feel is unsurpassed IMO. The only thing audible it the house is the bassdrum sometimes, but the rest is pretty much silent. I have a set of Zildjian L80 cymbals and put triggers on them (don't use the electric things anymore) and can't get them off, but that even further lowers the volume of the cymbals. Might order a set of (cheaper) Millenium practice cymbals so the feel is more authentic.
Sadly, my neighbor passed away 2 weeks ago and she didn't mind at all (mostly because she was deaf in one ear). So hopefully when i get a new neighbor they won't mind me playing sometimes at all!


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Sadly, my neighbor passed away 2 weeks ago and she didn't mind at all (mostly because she was deaf in one ear). So hopefully when i get a new neighbor they won't mind me playing sometimes at all!
Wow, I came here to be facetious and say I DON'T mind pissing off my neighbors. Hey someone needs to stand up for drummers' rights, right? :p

Sorry to hear about your neighbor.


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My ruse is I'm trying bombarding viruses with sound waves to destroy them-I"m about half way up in volume and increase daily telling everyone no effect yet-but I'll keep turning up the volume. Everyone will encourage me and some think my efforts heroic. I'll be protected by a sound wave barrier that will vibrate the single stranded RNA into oblivion. Well Holy crap-our drum heads should be virus free LOL. https://www.livescience.com/7472-kill-viruses-shake-death.html So now I have to calculate the resonance of this virus and tune my drums accordingly. Dang a whole new dimension to my experiment. Oops folks got to redo it again and again with different tunings. We just need to tune into this virus and drummers and other musicians offer virus free environments. We can all get naked in big groups with loud music-sort of like the 60s LOL. Wouldn't it be wild if musicians become a viable alternative to hazmat suits and toxic sprays. Those sound waves will cover a greater area. Now that is some out of box strategy .
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Just play them some joy, respectfully. Seriously. Yeah maybe don't do exercises out of a book for hours on end, but spread some sonic joy in your neighborhood.
Good luck! hope you can find a way and your neighbors come to appreciate a good thing.


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have a word with them first, see what they say, if they *DO* mind you playing, invest in some aquarian super pads or mesh heads for your kit (though if your state has shut down, how would you get them?) and some foam pads for your cymbals.

IN THE MEAN TIME, till you get them, stuff your bass drum full of towels, duvets, pillows, etc. and have your kit facing an inside wall (like the wall that connects your living room to your kitchen, etc). and put a few tea towels on each drum to really deaden them, and tape a flannel or somefoled fabric to your cymbals to mute them.

its a bit DIY and looks and feels crap, but it works (its what i had to do when i was a teenager and one specific neighbour complained a LOT).


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Well hell now I got to share my Nobel Prize with "Doctor" Polack. My bet he's already manufacturing Anti-COVID 19 speakers with a wider range of frequencies and more volume. Damn engineers, physicist, etc stealing all my glory.
PS. It's getting ridiculous all my typos-I spend more time editing than writing-I think I need to reverse that with editing before hmmmmmm.