I Dig A Stagg??


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I found a 20" Stagg cymbal for cheap in a pawn shop,and bought it cause I thought it was so
nasty sounding I thought I could use it as an effects thing. Well..I put it up for the first time last night and couldn't beleive my ears. Now please excuse my comparisons here but it sounded like a poor mans Dry Complex ride,or spizz, or the k 24" light ride. I had it up for sale on craigslist and after playing it last night,removed the ad! Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all. I truly digg my Stagg. Who knew?


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I don't understand... Why did you buy it if you knew you were gonna put in on craigslist?
This particular cymbal sounded interesting enough in the store that If I could get a good deal, I'd buy it,play it, and if i really liked it, keep it,or if not flip it and keep that $$ for some other cymbal or snare I might want. It keeps things interesting and allows me to play a variety of instruments. It's not as if I knew I was gonna put it up on CL, but almost anything
can get put up there unless I'm just in absolute love with it. I have some real nice stuff up there now.


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Yeah, Stagg cymbals are pretty nice. I currently have an all-Stagg setup and can't complain.
Their complexity makes them quite suited for Jazz, yet most of their lines are quite versatile.



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They are completely hand made in China, so some cymbals will be terrible, but the good ones can be really good as you found out.