I did it. I put a DW logo on a PDP bass drum...


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I'm such a madlad.



This is my PDP MX 22x18" kick. It sounds amazing and now it looks legit too.


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DW for the discriminating drummer who demands to pay more for his kit. PDP-the Budget DW economy version for people who don't like to throw money away. Like Uhaul why pay high prices for a rental car when you can rent rom Uhaul for less ROFL I'll take over their advertising department. Don't throw away money. Spend the money you save on good snares and cymbals. Buy PDP because Johnny B Good at making drums in US or China.


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Do you have any idea how many attorneys are viewing this?..youll end up in court!..or even prison!..i can't even look at that logo again as not to be involved unintentionally. That scares me half to death but it is cool though. I'll guarantee you your playing will be improve just from confidence alone. I'm gonna put a sonor sticker on my renown B.D.