I cant beilieve it!


This Christmas i received a late gift from my local music store alto music, I won a raffle for a tama artwood custom snare and a stewart copeland signed head! Ive never won anything in my life so i was so excited, its funny though they put the wrong caption under my picture im not frank im nick but it doesnt bother me haha. im going to get some better pictures up soon of the snare and my kit all updated.

wy yung

Well done! :)

Am very happy for you.

Don't play that head!!!!! ;-)


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nicely done!

The only thing I've ever won was a hat at a Wil Calhoun drum clinic, and the hat didn't even fit me.... D:

have you had a chance to play with it yet?



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I won a signed copy of Hocus Pocus by Focus when I was 12, but I'd rather have the snare. Congratulations. Cool when something just pops up out of the blue.


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Looks like nice stuff mate. You'll have to get some shots of it @ home and that. Also i didn't realise people had actually heard of enter shikari over there?

Also since this seems to be a bit of a "what did you win?" thread then i won a t mobile mug and also a signed photo of the band "forever never" which is duck taped to my wall in the plastic wallet that it came in lolz
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