I Can Be Persistent! Product Success Story II

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Per my other Off Topic Lounge Thread, Product Success Story, this is a Sequel.

Our Kohler Kitchen Faucet - a Revival Brushed Brass unit - installed in our new kitchen circa 1998, started to leak at the Base of the Spout. The Faucet has an Arc design for the Spout (about 9" or so) that Swivels to accommodate the Double kitchen sink (also Kohler Porcelain). My wife noticed some months ago that water was leaking from the base of the Spout at the swivel point. Called our Handyman - Contractor - the last Plumber we used for the Hot Water heater story was grossly over expensive. Upon seeing it, he knew the leak was from the Internal "cartridge" in the spout. I call Kohler Customer Service who initially advised to send them a Pic of the existing Faucet so that they could Identify it, which they did. They knew it was a Kohler , the Model; Number, etc. The Model has been discontinued. We traded emails, to determine if the essential parts were available and exactly what they were. None available via Kohler. However, a Rep "steers" me to a e_bay site where a Seller has the Spout kit with the essential replacement parts - The spout was not the same, but I didn't need the spout - only the Guts /Cartridge. I strike a deal on e-Bay , after showing the Parts Pic to the Contractor, who confirmed that it "should work". Fortunately, there is a 30 Day Return policy on the e-Bay transaction. The contractor had difficulty getting the old Faucet out of the sink (which is bit of another story) primarily because the fastening Nut under the spout base under the sink (which contains the cartridge [which is all solid Brass], is large and too close to the rear cabinet interfering with getting the faucet wrench to work. Out comes the sink, take out the faucet. The e-Bay Part which was boxed Kohler certified part , does not work, it's for different design, not for the Revival Faucet. While this was occurring, we found an American Standard Wide spread Kitchen Faucet - 4 hole sink at a Plumbing Supply nearby as Insurance. We were told that it could take about 7-10 business days to get it it in. Now that the e-Bay part didn't fit, we elected to proceed with the AS faucet. This is all happening circa October 1st. I call Kohler about the misleading info and link to the ebay part, telling them I didn't think the eBay part was returnable ($168) and they should pay for it. Then I am informed that I was granted a "credit" of up to $900 for a new Kohler Faucet. I'm on the phone with the very informed Agent (Veronica ??) that "I'm not going to pay $900 for a new Faucet and Eat the ebay charge too"? She says, no I am going to give you a credit toward any Kohler Faucet up to $900 to replace your faucet". Now that's Service!! The next day I received an email from Koher (I have a Case # assigned from the first reach out contact) indicating two Comparable Faucets. Both are One Hole designs with water control on one side lever {mine had separate hot and cold water handles and sprayer]. I contact them about that - and discover there are Filler inserts that match the faucet to be used on the other open holes in the sink. The wife is NOT keen on that! The two Kohler were recommending were also OUT of STOCK !! I call them back. I was informed that you can shop any Kohler dealer, buy a Faucet to your liking - Up to $900 - and Kohler will re-imburse you!. My wife and I are suspicious NYers. But that was confirmed later via another Agent. While this is happening, I was able to return the ebay part (I had to pay the Shipping of $20 - No Biggie). OK, One down, two other things to get Done. The plumbing supplier for the new AS faucet order calls to say - Maybe by early DECEMBER for the receipt of the new faucet? I said facetiously, December 2023? We shop a higher end Plumbing Supply who carries primarily Kohler products to find something to fit the bill. It's different than what we have now, but with the Dishwashing Pump device for one hole, and the two hole caps that match the Faucet. It all comes to $900.78. I call Kohler again to re-affirm this deal. Trevor, does reaffirm, and tells me that "All Kohler Faucets purchased after 1997 are Lifetime Guaranteed! That's why they are making this offer! SOB, I had no idea. They should've done that from the get Go. I surmise that if they could get off cheap with the replacement part, hey Why Not!. The New Kohler Faucet in the finish we want is not immediately available - Not in their Current Stock. Then a Supervisor takes charge. "Let me see what I can do!". She tracks our faucet down, but it will be a $15 extra Charge. We will have it in 7-10 days. Whatta think we said - Of Course Do it!. It was then I cancelled the AS faucet - got my accounted credited for the $375. The new Faucet arrived the other day- installed yesterday. It's LARGER than we thought with a larger High Arcing Spout. But we are getting used to it. And, we are planning to do a Kitchen Refresh next year: new countertops, some new appliances ( don't ask about our 27 Year old Sub Zero Fridge - that's another story), new Kitchen Sink, and a cabinet cleanup. This Faucet might better fit the new sink design with a Granite Countertop. FWIW, KOHLER products are expensive, but the quality is evident in the Looks and Feel. And their Customer Service was excellent and responsive. Even though this became a "process" - it is a Product Success Story, I'm happy to say.... Told You I was a Persistent Bastard. Bottom line, I paid $300 to the Contractor for the two calls to takeout the original faucet, then re-install it only to find the e-Bay part didn't work (he then Gerry Rigged a temporary fix for the leak with some Pipe Dope), and then take out the re-installed old faucet and install the new one.
Bought a pair of electrically heated Columbia boots for 60 or 80 bucks because I worked outdoors. They were on a clearance table. The power source was a cell phone battery. One oot controller failed during the 2nd season and I sent them to the customer service center, but Columbia gave me a credit of $268 saying they're discontinued.

Best Buy sold me an out of stock TV and ordered one. When.it arrived a poor management policy and greedy salesperson sold it as soon as it arrived. They gave me a larger in stock tv for the same price and threw in a cabinet at half price.