i been actin' a foo'...


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i would put this in off topic, but it has a drum in it!
(but i'd move it there if i should)

i live in "the hood", or more accurately, my block is like the "DMZ", with the "38th parallel" being the street to the east, and the combat zone beyond, and to the west are a lot of brick homes, nice areas.

my neighbor has these after hours parties that get really ignorant about 3 or 4 in the morning, with 30 or 40 people shouting and cavorting outside! police calls sometimes don't get answered cause they are busy, and when they do come, half the time the party is right back up to full speed within minutes after they left.

last night i pulled out my tama steel 14"x 6.5" and went on the back porch and down my steps. my driveway between the two houses acts like an acoustic corridor, amping up, and almost compressing loud sounds...so i hit 5 real hard, deliberate rim-shots: pop! pop! pop! pop! pop!

the only regret i have in retrospect is that i didn't have video footage! cause when i went to look out the front window, there was no one there at all except for a couple of the last cars leaving.


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THAT was brilliant. Don't let them find out! Do single stroke bursts to mimic the sound of automatic weaponry.