I am thinking of using one of these:


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I am thinking of using one of these:


...as a way of flying an additional 17" cymbal off a bass drum mounted tom stand/support thingo.

Any reason why this might be a bad idea?

I want to add a cymbal to a set up without adding an additional cymbal stand, for reasons of floor space economy.
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Re: Adding Cymbal to Tom Mount

I have done this or something similar many times. In fact I will be doing a similar thing today because we are playing at a fund raiser. It works for me. Peace and goodwill.


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I had one years ago that I put either an 18" Paragon crash on or a 20" Paragon china on at one point (can't remember exactly which one, would need to look through my picture archives). Pretty sturdy little piece of equipment. Never had an issue with it when I had it.


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I use something similar (Tama MC7) to fly a splash from my left crash stand, and my ride from the right. Four cymbals on just two stands and it works out great...


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Highly recommended space saver.
That bass drum tom mount thingo can serve more than one purpose.


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I have two by Gibraltar and they are indispensable bits of kit to me. I often remove the washers and use them as cowbell or block mounts for theater gigs, because they stay put far better than the knurled rods one normally uses.


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At one point I used three of these, but they were DW brand. They work really well, but when I switched to all Ludwig hardware I went to one cymbal per stand.

Honestly, it was more for traditional looks, than practical reasons. If I was gigging, I would probably go back to using them for convenience.