I am not sure which kit to get...


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I'm new here and looking for my first kit. I heard early on that Tama's are really good and Pearl's are too. I played them at the local music center (tama imperialstar and pearl export). I like both of them but the Pearls have a weird hanging tom mount. Not too much of a problem though. I also heard it is better to buy used because you can get a better kit for a lot less. I looked on craigslist and I found:

Pearl Vision with Pearl 900 hardware and 13" agazarian hi hats, 16" agazarian crash, and 20" meinl ride. I figured these were the entry level ones but for the price of $400 for all of these I could always get new cymbals.

Tama Rockstar with Tama hardware and no cymbals. It is $350.

I also found a Tama 7 piece Silverstar. No cymbal stands or cymbals. $315

I contacted all of the individuals and all the drums are in excellent shape, they also have sent me pictures to verify.

Would it be worth driving 100 miles to Nevada City, CA for a Yamaha Stage Custom without cymbals but with hardware (but no pedal) for 375?

I am trying to keep it cheap too... Hopefully under 650 dollars. But with cymbals most of these drums will make it to around 650.


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Ah, from the first three. Pearl I would say. I've seen videos of Nate Morton using the vision on youtube which is a ringing endorsement for a more affordable kit.


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Ok cool man. Does anyone have any thoughts against? I've noticed some controversy on other forums, so I want to make sure most of the people are behind the Pearl on this one.


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I vote Pearl on this one. It will get you playing right away, and the extra money you have left can go towards new heads and such.


Ok cool man. Does anyone have any thoughts against? I've noticed some controversy on other forums, so I want to make sure most of the people are behind the Pearl on this one.
I am not behind Pearl Visions at all, primarily because of their ISS rack tom mounts. I've witnessed a 12" tom fall from such a mount. It's also my opinion that with every hit, these mounts skew the thinnish 1.6 mm drum hoops. If you like them, all well and good, but personally I would buy just about anything else in that same price bracket.


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Hello fellow drummer. Tama and Pearl are two of the top of the line drum companies. you really can't go wrong with either one. It depends on what sound you want.

My kit is a Tama Imperial Star extras that I love. They look and sound cool and great for the music I play which is rock and some metal. Even a little bit of jazz if they are tuned right. Like I said, it really depends on the type of sound you are looking for.
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I would get a stage custom. I've got 2 good-pro level kits and I would happily buy one of them to take to gigs.

I like the sound, the look, the lightness of the stands and the rack tom mounting system.


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I plan on playing rock and maybe a little pop. Are the mounts the only things that the Pearls are bad for? And the Stage Customs are 125 miles away. Would it be worth it? So far I think I will get the Pearls. But I still want your guy's opinions to be sure.


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I would also go with the stage customs ( I might be a little biased). They are a great set of drums for the price. And I love Yamaha hardware.

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I vote for the Yamaha, you can always get a cheap pedal someplace.

I just toured with a Stage Custom and it's one of the best kits out there for under $1000.
If you can get one for $375, DO IT!


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Okay. Looks like I will go for the Stage Customs if my dad is willing to drive that far. If not I will go for the Pearl Visions. Either way, I think I would be getting a good set for the price.

I would need cymbals however. Does anyone know some good cymbals under 200?


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I am gonna give two opinions on this. If you want to get one of the kits you have listed I would try to talk them down first and try to get either the stage custom for like $300 of the rockstar for like $250. I would then take the other 350-400 to buy used high quality cymbals.

Second opinion which I think will get you more for the $ if to buy all of it on ebay. You can score pro quality cymbals from almost any brand for like around $100 a piece some even less if you are more patient. I would spend about $300 to $350 on those. I would then look for a kit that people are passing over with the left over money. I have seen kits get passed over and go for $200-$300 that would normally sell on cl for like double that. What I would to do that is do a search all the brands on a regular basis and closely monitor to see what is going on that is how you will find the deal. It can be tedious doing this and perhaps having to bid on a few kits before you get one for the right price but it pays off. Search brands such as pearl, tama, sonor, ddrum, taye, permier, etc.. and terms just like drum kit, drum set, drums and just keep an eye out. Also do not bid till the last few sec of the auction and refresh the page before you bid so you see the most current price.