i am not like most of you!


wy yung

Bugger it I hate to make a post of this, but I can't relate to you guys. Or rather you can't relate to me.

I have finally begun my memoirs. But here is a very basic draft. Hopefully you will understand why I have felt so alien and quit this thing I love so often. Only to come back time and time again.

I came into the world in Melbourne Australia in 64. By 72 I had left a hugely dysfunctional family and was working or a crop dusting pilot in country Victoria. By 1973 is was a fisherman working out of Lakes Entrance. 1974 I was a hunter armed with a 303 shooting roos and pigs. 1975 saw me living as a farm hand in Victoria. Then I was sexually assaulted by 2 farm hands (unsuccessfully) and I hitched to Cape Tribulation in northern Queenslend. I lived for 4 months as a kind of cast away. When the rainny season was due and I was freaked out by sharks and crocodiles I crawled out of the rain forrest. Was arrested for looking feral, and eventually made it back to Melbourne to my dying mother.

I had no money so began fighting and joined martial arts clubs. I worked full time, fought and studied drumming. I also realised how little education I had and began to read copius amounts of books. I became a minister but was not a true believer. Studied too much philosophy and became dedicated to the Academy.

Went on to play with a few high profile artists. But at heart was that child looking out for croc's and sharks. I had no person to raise me and my sociual skills are terrible. I am who I am.

wy yung

You've had some pretty amazing experiences! I look forward to reading your books.
Cheers mate. It is a worry for me. I can play drums fine. The other members of my family did ok, my brother is a successful producer with shows around the world. I got caught in the middle and had to raise and educate myself. That is fine, but Australia in the 70's was a rough place. i was unknown to the government. I was able to hitch hike from age 8 all over the east coast looking for work. By 18 I'd had 21 full time jobs.

Those were the days.
Mate, you are graduated from the university of life! Crocodile dundee, was left way behind with your load of experiences and exposures. I admire, the inner strength that you have to tell us about it.


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When you say, "It's a worry for me."

What do you mean?

Also, why have you left and returned to drumming? Is it because of your childhood and work experience?

I can relate to being transient based on my experiences. I lived out of a suitcase for over four years as a younger photojournalist and I think it contributed greatly to my bad attitude toward setting up more permanent life choices.

I would love to read more.

Bo Eder

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Wow. That's a great story. Sounds like something that should be made into a movie.

However, I was always told, it's what you do with all those experiences that determines who and what you are. Can't relate to us? We can't relate to you? That sounds like a I give up phrase. You're only two years older than I am and you sound like you've come to the end of the line. I seem to be rediscovering things I like about myself all the time and mentally I still feel like that kid in college who's about to take on the world. You can be however you want here (or anywhere for that matter), and if you didn't go through what you've already been through, do you think you'd relate any better? Everybody here seems to have one gripe or another about something, yet we're all dealing with what we've been dealt, and most of us are ok (right, people?).

If we apply the rule that "police officers only have police officer friends because they can't relate to the society they have to protect or apprehend", then does this mean you should only be befriending and relating transient hunter assaulted farmhand fishermen with dead or dying mothers?

I think not in this case. Buck up, brave little toaster!


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To have lived through all of those trials and tribulations is really something. What would be truly extraordinary is to have lived through all of that and not have a chip on your shoulder about it.


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wait...you were on your own & hitchhiking at 8 ?? i definitely want to read your book, especially the part living in the bush & dealing w/ monster sharks, crocs, bugs & snakes !

Swiss Matthias

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Hey Wy, this sounds interesting, and also sad at the same time. Glad you seem to have made it though. We haven't yet seen the end of the matter, as I like to say (the similar German phrase of it that is).
I think family is an important and crucial thing in life, it's the basics of society, of education and behavior. It can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be devastating and bitter, a pool of bad and dark experience.
Also, it's always healthy and touching to see how much responsibility a parent has, or even every human being has towards the people surrounding him/her everyday, or maybe just for one moment. Small actions can have big influence on somebody for the rest of their lives.

And looking forward to your memoirs, and be sure not to write the end yet!


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You've had some wild times mate, Im glad it all ended well for ya, plus drums are too good to give up, there's no doubt that if future commitments keep me away, I'll always be back for more.

con struct

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What wy fails to mention is that his experience was not at all uncommon to boys born in Melbourne Australia in the early to mid sixties.


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Why do you think that you are not like most of us?
I don'y want to tell my life story because it would be far to painful for me.
I'm sure that there are many people here that have had a rough time of it.

You have led an interesting life though.


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I don't think Wy has a chip on his shoulder. He's a product of his life just like we all are. My life was about 2/3 bad, but the 1/3 good (so far) has been great. I struggle some. Gets easier as you get older.
Wy reminds me of a friend that got pressed into the Viet Cong forces, swam the river into Thailand with 2- 7.62's in him then swam back, stole a load of small arms, sold them and brought his family to the US with the money. He was 15 when he got here. Youan. Interesting guy.
Steady on Wy. Nothing else to do for it. Do write the book. I did and was better for it. Trashed it rightfully, but good to remember the details and see it for what it was, as an adult. Makes you understand yourself better, for what that's worth. I never thought a lot. Like Pavlov's dog I guess. Sounds like you thought to much to me.
Sorry to get personal, but you put it out here. Struck a chord.


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Why do you think that you are not like most of us?
I don'y want to tell my life story because it would be far to painful for me.
I'm sure that there are many people here that have had a rough time of it.

You have led an interesting life though.
What he said. You just don't know what people have seen. I cant even say what that reminded me of. Glad it wasnt me.


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Hey mate, didn't know you were a Melbourne boy at heart. I've thrown the invite out before, but now you've definitely got to pack your bags and head "home" for a visit. Beers are cold and in abundance.....get your hide down south for a sip. We've "related" in the past, pretty sure we can do it again and if not........well we can all relate to a Crownie!!!

Seriously mate, if you're strung out get down here and we'll check out some music.....over a few, of course. :)

wy yung

Hi guys.

Well last night on the way home from drumming I bought a bottle of Kiss Chasey wine to go with my burger and chips. I note this morning it was 14 %!

Never would have posted this otherwise.

Why did I think I was unlike many of you? I think because at heart I feel rough and ready and uncouth. Take someone like JeffW. He is always a gentleman, polite eloquent etc. Same goes for most here, Swiss, Pol etc etc. I feel so rough around the edges it isn't funny.

As for not knowing the experiences of others, I know a few. And I respect them. Do I understand them? Not really.

There is a great deal I did not mention last night. The reason I ran away and so on. My dad eventually spent time in prison and we only just reconciled after nearly 30 years of not seeing each other. Some jobs I had were funny, others hard. But all were for people hiring a child for very little cash. The terrified walk back from Bacchus Marsh to melboune in the dead of night after scrambling out of that assault.... I'd only got out because they were so drunk. I think I was 12 or 13 but it is hard to remember.

Living on the coast was wild but short lived. 4 months or so. I had a knife, fishing gear and 2 large magnifying glasses to start fires. What was amazing was when fishing it was basically one cast, one fish. This is before the area was transformed into a tourist resort. But as I said last night, I got scared. Every noise became a salt water crocodile. There was a type of large bird living in the rain forrest that made me flinch every time I heard it creeping around towards the end. Couldn't see the damned things!

But that period was ok for what it was. Things became more conventional once I returned to the city a couple of years later to nurse mum.

There are all sorts of things in a person's life. Mine was not special in any way, but it was unusual. In decades past in this country many people wandered far and wide. It's a big lonely place. I lived in the desert, in the bush, on the coast. I had my run ins with snakes and sharks but made it through. The worst kind of snakes and sharks are people though. At least that is what I found.

wy yung

I don't think I have a chip on my shoulder. Quite the opposite in fact. I am not dark on life or people. I like to help people. But more and more I spend time alone as I get older.

I don't blame anyone for my life. I kind of like it. I like that I wondered at 18 what it was like to live in a family. Then was grateful I didn't when I saw how twisted they could be. The beauty for me is that I was at times scared or lonely, but that it was only myself. I did not inherit the prejudices of others or their beliefs. The whole minister thing came about because once I'd returned I was looking at the beliefs others had. It turned out I could memorise it and it was suggested I sit a test. But really it had nothing to do with my. Experiences and I never did work like that. But it remains a qualification.

I did realise how ignorant I was. I wished I had studied at school. But no matter. I would have become a drummer anyway. Getting to play in front of thousands of people after scrambling around in the bush is kind of cool. Becoming a professional martial artist was too. I have had some health problems and just recently I learned of a really major one that could kill me. But one can also get hit by a bus. So I am gonna write it all down. :)
Hey Wy, for you mate. Brilliant lyrics from Bon Scott.....Cheers

Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)

The following is a true story, only the names have
been changed to protect the guilty -

Well I left my job in my home town
And headed for the smoke
Got a rock 'n' roll band and a fast right hand
Gonna get to the top
Nothings gonna stop us - no nothing.

So if you got the money
We got the sound
You put it up and we'll put it down
If you got the dollar
We got the song
Just wanna boogie woogie all night long,
Yeh boogie

I've got holes in my shoes
I've got holes in my teeth
I've got holes in my socks
I can't get no sleep
I'm trying to make a million -

And I've got patches on the patches
On my old blue jeans
Well they used to be blue
When they used to be new
When they used to be clean -

And I've got a mama whose a hummer
Whose keeping me alive
While I'm in the band doing drinking with the boys
She's working 9 to 5 (knows her place that woman)

Just you wait -
One of these days see me driving round town
In my rock 'n' Rolls Royce with the sun roof down
And my bottle of booze (no summer time blues)
Shouting out 'look at me'
In my rock 'n' roll voice

No it ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire

Hello Howard, how ya goin'
My next door neighbour

Oh Yea
Get your fuckin' jumbo jet off my airport

wy yung

Ha, thanks Ian. My mother was a bit different than that. I returned home briefly when I was about 12??? She tried to strangle me so I got the hell out of there!

It is a strange thing to have your own mother trying to kill you. Seriouslyly, knees on the chest and hands around my throat. She'd lost the plot!

It'll all be in my book.