I am looking in to buying studio foam or any other sound proofing foam.


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I am looking into buying some of this for my basement. My set in located a corner and I get massive(MASSIVE!) amounts of echo.

They only mention permanent applications, are there any temporary ways to mount them? For the flat pieces, I thought about framing them with some frames I have, but I have no temporary corner mounting solutions.

Also, are there other brands I can look into. foam would be the best option for me.


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In my basement studio my drums are located in the corner with the forced air furnace located to my left and ductwork in the cieling everywhere. I tacked blankets up on the cieling here and there and hang them like tapestries between me and the furnace and here and there. It was awfull and deafening and impossible to reduce feedback till I hung blankets. The blankets were free (out of the wifes closet) and worked very well. Cheap quilts are best. Foam is hella expensive!


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Check out http://www.foambymail.com/Products.html for the foam some of the best prices you'll find.

You could try velcro strips on the back of the foam but taking it the velcro off the wall if you ever decide to will pretty well guarantee the drywall will get torn.

The frame idea may work, wonder about just tacking it up with a nail or two?


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anyone try the foambymail? I'm quite interested....but want some feedback first or so

I know there were allot of guys here using that company which is where I got the link from. I haven't ordered from them but keep it handy in case I end up needing some.