I Am Leaving This Forum

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I am leaving this forum. May all of you have a great life, and may all of your drums, cymbals, and hardware always be what you want. Peace and goodwill.

Do not bother responding because I will not see it.
Well he could have edited out the talking part and just had the music part to stay within rules if that was an issue. Sad to see a long timer go for sure. Hopefully he will return. I feel like Shawshank Redemption when the prisoner died first night and Andy asked his name the next day-I never knew Drumolater was Mark. Now I have to envision him like Andy and escaped to a better place on some nice beautiful beach. The good guys always go first.
When I disappear it's because I'm either on vacation or dead. But you know what I'm just thinking my GetAgrippa post will live on for eternity on DW and Wikipedia. My bot brain will never die- Hahahahahahahah.
I hope I didn't piss off a metal player!

May your senses percolate and have you back here in good time!!
Someone MUST know something about this. Mods?

It's very troubling indeed.

I got the feeling he was definitely mad about something. Maybe a harsh comment on his video that's not there now?

That would be my guess, but I don't actually know anything.
I don't think there's another forum out there that compares to this one. So I think he might miss DW and rejoin us before too long.
Silly question - who is John? Have I missed someone else's departure? Or have I just forgotten. 😳

Yea - the radio dude.

John Wesley Gibson - he was a mainstay here for a long time. A touch abrasive, only because that was his humor and he got mildly told to cool it and had an adverse reaction.

I liked John - he did some cool stuff like patina metal snares, etc. - he was a straight shooter....too straight of a shooter on occasion.
Not open for further replies.